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10 Dishes You Should Try at Sartin, Summit Ridge. Tagaytay

Sartin is located at Summit Ridge, Tagaytay. Their restaurant is brought to us by Josiah's Catering and they opened a year ago. They serve Filipino cuisine which was inspired mostly from Tarlac, Quezon, and Bacolod.

I was invited by their team for a sumptuous lunch today. I was amazed by the interior design of the restaurant. I mean, I live here in Tagaytay but I just discovered how fancy and great this restaurant is.

And here are the foods you should try when you go to Sartin...

Bagoong Fried Rice (225 pesos)

Homemade bagoong alamang and sauteed pork. For a change, you might want to order this than just plain rice.

Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy (949 pesos)

Roasted half pig's head served and finished in the grill, served with homemade thin bread, salsa, mustard, and burong isda.

Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy Unchopped (949 pesos)
If you will dine here as a group, then you must include this on your order. This is a must try. The lechon was cooked very well. The meat was tender but the skin is crispy. Just the perfect way to cook lechon. It also comes with Pita Bread, just in case you don't want to eat it with rice. I tried both and it was good as well.

Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy Chopped (949 pesos)

Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy's Salsa
Among the four salsa, I like the mango and buro more. You can really never go wrong with mangoes as salsa. It adds flavor to the dish rather than the usual sauce for lechon.

Valenciana (495 pesos)

The Valenciana was filled with seafood and egg. The Valenciana that I am used to eating was a bit different from this. For me, it is not that flavorful but still good. Maybe because it is inspired by another city which is Negros. We all know that foods vary in every city.

Sinuteng Pusit (385 pesos)

Slow cooked squid with olive oil, garlic, peppercorn, bay leaf, and calamansi.

Sinuteng Pusit (385 pesos)
Pata Humba (315 pesos)

Pork pata slow-cooked in a thick sweet soy-garlic sauce with saba, pineapples, and potatoes topped with fried banana blossoms.

Lengua Estofado (385 pesos)

Braised ox tongue with potatoes and mushroom.

I actually don't have a photo because I thought that this was the same with Pata Humba. Their physical appearance almost looks identical (mostly because of the color). But when you disect (yes, disect talaga. Haha!) it, you'll know they are different. Haha!

Vegetable Platter (359 pesos)

Steamed native vegetables - ampalaya, talong, okra, mustasa, and kamatis. Served with burong isda and house-made bagoong alamang.

Kilayin Kapampangan (325 pesos)

Kapampangan delicacy of chopped pork lungs, pork liver, pork belly, and garlic, slowly simmered in vinegar and broth.

Kansi (655 pesos)

Bacolod's answer to Tagaytay's Bulalo. Beef shank simmered in broth flavored batwan with langka and tanglad. This is really good especially for the cold weather here in Tagaytay.

Tibok-tibok (245 pesos)

Kapampangan flan made of carabao's milk. Among all the dishes, this is my most recommended. I have tried other local tibok-tibok but I didn't like them. This is very creamy and that is the reason why I love it. It is like leche flan and maja combined.

I ordered Mango juice but the others ordered Sago and Gulaman.

I was very satisfied with the food. It may not be Cavite's usual, but it is also nice to try something new once in a while. For others' point of view, their menu might be pricey. But compared to other restaurants here in Tagaytay, they are distinct and they serve great food plus they have a very stylish interior. It is worth it. Perfect for simple date night or family dinner.

By the way, if you are looking for a restaurant for a simple date night this coming valentines day, you might want to check out Sartin's promo.

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