Kdrama Review: The Uncanny Counter (Season 1)

The Uncanny Counter (2021) is a South Korean tv series based on the webtoon Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi. I was finding a new series to watch after Start-Up when I found this on Netflix. I had no idea what this kdrama is about and I also didn't know that it just started that time. Haha! But no regrets! I patiently waited for the new episodes every week. This is definitely a top-tier for this year. 💯

Black Scoop is now at Fora Mall, Tagaytay!

Black Scoop Café has been a famous café for a while now here in the Philippines and I am happy they have now a branch here in Tagaytay. They have a wide range menu that's why I appreciate them from coffee, milktea, pastries, pasta, etc. 

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