Life Lately Vol. 1: Where Have I Been?

This is my first Life Lately post on this blog. Nothing much happened to me but, of course, I want to share with you what happened to me for the past few days. I am still unemployed and the review for this year board examination will start in a few months. To be honest, I still don't know if I will take that examination or I will just look for a job and start over again. It bothers me for quite some time now and I still can't decide. If you haven't read it on my blog, I failed the board examination for Radiologic Technologists twice already and I don't know if I can still do it. I got traumatized with my failures, well sort of. But on the second thought, the board examination is just once a year. Should I give it a last shot? I am really having a hard time with my life lately and I think I am having a life crisis at the moment. Adult life is not easy, especially in making life decisions. #adulting

I am also having doubts on my blogging. I don't know if I would still continue it and if my posts still makes sense. My self esteem is at the lowest now, I think. Someone said that I am "trying-hard" and I think it affected me for some reasons. But to be honest, with that "insult", I am trying really hard for me to get better in taking photos and writing on this blog. I know I still need to learn a lot of things. I am not that active lately since I am dealing with my emotions and telling myself that I can do this. This is my hobby, no one can stop me.

The photos above are actually from my instagram account. Most of the photos were taken at Bag of Beans, Twin Lakes. It was our first time to dine there and the food was really good, especially their Blueberry Cheesecake. Good food & service, instagram friendly place plus the view! It was definitely a nice place to dine. We actually went there to unwind since Joseph and I are both having a hard time with our life. I am blessed I have him with me. I will forever grateful to God that he has given me a partner who supports me and loves me for who I am. 

I stopped hoarding makeup products because I want to save money for my travel. That's also one reason why I want to work. You know it, to make money for travel. Hahaha. Although I stopped buying makeup stuffs, I am more into skin care lately. I had a major break out last month and I just want to get rid of the scars. That's also one reason why I don't play with my makeup lately. I am pissed with my pimple scars. I hope I bought the right products for my skin. Also, my PCOS isn't cured yet. I still need to take my medications again. And booom, I gained more weight. I hate it, but I have no choice. I also need to exercise and watch my food intake. :(

I got productive in watching Korean dramas. Since I have a lot of time, I watched few Korean dramas this month and they are:

  • Goblin - I love this kdrama so much! The plot is really good and the casts are just perfect for each character. I like the Grim Reaper more than Goblin though. :p I just hope they'll have a season two.
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - The plot is just the usual school love story where everyone can relate to.. but the characters makes it better. Di mawala yung kilig ko habang piinapanuod ko 'to. Haha! The main casts are so good together. Talk about relationship goals and friendship goals!
  • Who Are You: School 2015-  I didn't expect the twists of this kdrama. It's really good especially if Kim So-Hyun is the female lead. I like the second lead, Gong Tae-Kwang, for her though! Thank you to my fellow blogger, Renee of The Random Bibliophile, for recommending this kdrama. ;) 
  • Legend of The Blue Sea - I admit, I am a fan of Lee Min Ho and I wouldn't miss watching this. To be honest, I cried at the ending because I will miss this kdrama. The casts are also perfect for their roles.
  • Let's Fight Ghost - Starred by Kim So-Hyun and Ok Taec-yeon. To be honest, I already expected the twist of this kdrama but I still like it. The main casts look good together.
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - The reason why I stopped being productive in watchinng kdramas. Sorry if I blame this kdrama, but the ending is just heartbreaking and I cried a lot. I just.. can't move on!
With all my problems and stress, I just pray to God that he leads me to right path. I know he has plans for me and I have faith in Him. For me, I just need to gain my motivation back.. and also my old self. Fighting!

P.S. Any kdrama recommendation and anything blog post ideas? Haha! :) And please, do like my page on Facebook. Thank you so much!


  1. Haha I've been binge watching k-dramas too! Although, mas marami ka nang napanood! :))

    I know how you feel about the exams, the pressure is nerve-racking. I just hope you go with the decision that would make you happy. :)

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

  2. I loooove Weightlifting Fairy too! I have never been into KDramas but this one changed me. I'm trying to watch Descendants of the Sun but can't seem to finish it bec of life hahaha :)

    Taking a mental note of everything that you've mentioned for future binge watching sessions!


    1. DOTS is good too. Try to finish it. It's worth it. Hehe. Ang dami ko lang time manuod. Haha! Thanks, Jhanz. ♥

  3. There's nothing wrong with trying hard cos that's where we find and mold our skills and talent. What's wrong is when we let other people's opinion block our way. Let them say what they want to say but continue trying hard to write and take good photos because you will learn and grow from it to become a better woman you supposed to be. :-)

    Been there at Bag of Beans last month and I'm totally agreeing with their blueberry cheesecake! Love it. :-)

    New found blog! Hello, hihi. Can't wait to read more from you. ❤

    1. Hi, Dianne! Thank you so much! I checked your blog. Ang ganda ng blog mo. Hihi. <3

  4. Hi Elaine! It's my first time to drop by your site and I find it really interesting. Screw those haters. Hahahaha. Expect that people would say a lot of things. Trust me, just don't mind them. Don't be scared to do your thing or even express your thoughts. At least you don't waste your time scrolling through fb and bashing other people.

    And with the board exam thing, just go for it. Try and try until you succeed. The feeling is more than rewarding when you finally get your hands on that license. Life is bittersweet ride. Enjoy all the ups and downs coz the destination will always be worth the wait.

    1. Hello, Kea! Thank you for dropping by and thank you for the advice. ♥

  5. I'm totally out of place when it comes to Kdramas! People are hyped over this! Lol i have lots of works to do + binge watching makes me sleep in the middle of it :)


    1. I really like watching, not just kdramas but movies and anime too. We all just have different preferences. Maybe it's not just your thing and that is just fine. :)


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