Title: 7 Reasons Why Filipinos Will Change The World
Author: Mike Grogan
Genre: Inspirational
Pages: Paperback, 36 Pages
Price: 100 pesos

The Book

This is a book written by an Irish national to remind every Filipino of the extraordinary greatness that we, Filipinos, have. In this book, the author discussed the seven reasons why he thinks that Filipinos can change the world. 

The Author

Mike Grogan is an international speaker and best-selling author who believes in the genius of the Filipino. He is an Irish native and a lean management expert. He has traveled to 39 countries around the world but he believes there is something about the Filipino.

Book Review

To be honest, I am not really that excited to read it at first. I was like "Filipinos can change the world? Really?" and I was astounded when I found out that this book is written by a foreigner, an Irish to be specific. Every reason was discussed briefly but the thought was still there. He even discussed a part of the Philippine history. And to think that a foreigner wrote it, I can say he is very observant and he really knew Filipinos. It is maybe because he stayed here for quite a long time now. 

I was smiling the entire time that I read the book since as a Filipino, I know that all of the reasons he shared are true. I know because I can tell that I also do those things and I have those traits as a Filipino. With that I can already tell that this book is effective. As I read this book and rediscover why I am unique as a Filipino, I can agree that Filipinos really can change the world. The author even believes that living in the Philippines makes him a better person. If he sees the good in us, then why can't we? We should also see the good in us, being a Filipino, and we shouldn't be ashamed to be one. 

I asked my cousin who lives in the U.S for almost 10 years now on why is she proud to be a Filipino and she answered, "I am proud to be a Filipino because of the so many characteristics that define us such as being hospitable, helpful, cheerful, industrious, optimistic and a lot more. And we've been proven these characteristics from our people in our history." I didn't say anything to her. I just asked her that question and I told her it is something for my blog. It surprised me that her answer has connections with the 7 Filipino values that I read from the book. I can say she is indeed proud as a Filipino just as I do.

I highly recommend this book for everyone especially for us, Filipinos. This book can possibly change your thinking in being a Filipino. It can remind you what Filipinos are known for. This book is so worth it. So for my dear Filipino readers, let me ask you.

Are you proud to be a Filipino? Why?

Lastly, I would like to thank the author, Mike Grogan, for writing an inspirational book dedicated for Filipinos and for seeing the good in every Filipino. Also, I would like to thank him and Ms. Mary for sending this book and trusting me. I do appreciate it very much. 
Image from http://www.goodnewspilipinas.com/7-reasons-filipino-will-change-world/

Where To Get This Book?

This book is available at Fullybooked and National Bookstore for only 100.00 pesos. For online, you can buy this book on Amazon. For more details on how to get this book, click here. For bulk orders, you may email mary@mikegrogan.ph

Break Free by Don Soriano | 8 Principles To Get From Employee To Employer in 3 Years or Less
Title: Break Free
Author: Don Soriano
Genre: Financial, Self-development, Entrepreneurship
Pages: 81 pages

The Book

Break Free is a modern guide for the newbie Filipino entrepreneur. This book is about how the author went from bankrupt with 500,000 debt to business owner and financially free in less than 3 years.

The Author

Don Soriano was scholar in Xavier School during his grade school and high school years. He finished his Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy from De La Salle University - Manila. He ranked 7th place nationwide during the Certified Public Accountant Board Exams last May 2011. After a few years, he found himself bankrupt with 500,000 debt. Only after 3 years of ban, he has reached a point of financial freedom. He is now a part-owner of a branch of an international restaurant franchise and he is the franchise of six Mr. Softy Ice Cream food carts. He trains and manages a group of of Personal Finance Coaches in line with his advocacy to promote financial literacy and awareness in the Philippines. 

Break Free by Don Soriano | Table of Contents

Book Review

What caught my attention was the book cover where it says "Don't quit your job". I am a bit guilty because I resigned from my previous jobs without having second thoughts or thinking about it multiple times. Second, as I read the cover, another thing caught my attention. It was the description where it says that the author went bankrupt with 500,000 debt and became a business owner and financially free in less than 3 years. I was like, "What? How?". If you got curious too, well, you better get a copy of this book for you to find out. ;)

For me, this book is not only for aspiring or newbie Filipino entrepreneurs. This is for everyone since we can somehow relate with the author especially for young adults who are still in the peak of building their careers like me. This book is not hard to understand. The author explained everything in the simplest way with the meaning still there. This is the first book for entrepreneurship and business that I find easy to understand. Most books for entrepreneurship is a bit complicated and focus more on the business part. But with this book, it starts from you and your job to saving money to getting on business to financial freedom and that is what I like about this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone (especially millennials)! This book is an eye-opener for every millennials like me. Being a young adult is not easy espcially when it comes to your career and financial freedom. Hindi pwede na laging YOLO. This book is worth buying, I tell you.  You will definitely learn something from every chapter. This book is very helpful especially in raising financial awareness to every Filipino. Grab a copy now!

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Don Soriano for believing in me and on my blog. I really appreciate it. I would like to thank the author for sharing his knowledge and experiences by writing this book.

Where To Get This Book?

The price is P300 excluding shipping fee. Shipping fee is Php 70 for Metro Manila and Php 110 outside Metro Manila for the delivery via Xend.

Step 1: Fill out form completely CLICK HERE

Step 2: Deposit to BPI (Savings Account)
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EB Advance, a sub brand from Ever Bilena, is a local brand here in the Philippines. This is my first product that I bought from them. I believe that they launched the LTD matte liquid lipsticks last year. I bought this for only 180.00 pesos. I bought this because I had a wedding to attend last March 9, but my makeup artist didn't use it since it doesn't match my eye makeup that time.

The packaging is just the same with their old EB Advance Liquid Lipstick. It is on a plastic tube packaging with a doe-foot wand applicator. What I like about their packaging is that you can easily distinguish the shade of the lipstick. The only information written on the bottom part of the tube is the brand, shade, manufacturing date, manufacturer, net weight and shelf life. Some of the words are so little and I find it hard to read. Ingredients are also not included on the label. 

Here is the swatch of this liquid lipstick. Excuse my hairy arm. Lol. This shade is dark red and malakas makaputi. This product also has a candy-like or something sweet scent with it but it goes away when you put it on your lips. I am actually a fan of red or dark lipsticks and I really like this shade. 

Here my photos wearing this EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in Moody Merlot, both taken in natural light. The first photo is with a bit of sunlight hitting my highlight (lol) and the second photo is just the usual light in the room when I took it. Also, excuse my falsies if they are not cooperating that day. My eyelash glue sucks. I just go back to the old one that I use.

My final verdict for this product (This will be an honest review, don't hate me):
I was actually surprised with the pigmentation. It is very pigmented, even the nude and pink shades, to think that this is just 180.00 pesos. The color pay off is also very good since it's pigmented. All of their shades are very wearable. It is very easy to apply and very creamy. Another thing that I like is that it is not drying on the lips. One thing that I didn't like about it is that it is not transfer proof. When I swatched it at their counter, I didn't removed it. To my surprise, it stained on my shirt. I swatch other brands when I am at the mall but I didn't experience that until now. You have to be very careful when using this product. It easily stains everywhere especially if it is not yet dry, so I guess it won't stay that long on the lips especially if you eat. Just a bit disappointed about that since I really like the shade and pigmentation and since it's a matte lipstick. Another thing, ang tagal nya magdry. You have to wait for at least 2 to 4 minutes (I guess) for it to dry. I would still recommend it if ever since it's really pigmented and all the shades are really good. You just have to be careful in using this one :)

For more about this product, check out EB Advance's instagram page