Matabungkay Beach, Lian, Philippines

Summer Getaway: Lian, Batangas

 Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas

Huling hirit sa tag-init! The rainy season is already approaching but I only got to enjoy summer last May 31, 2017. My family and I went to Batangas for a quick summer getaway.

Matabungkay is a barangay of the municipality of Lian, Batangas. It is known for its white sand beach (Wikipedia). It was less than 2 hours from Tagaytay City (via private vehicle). They are also known for the balsa that is made from bamboo.   

I've been here once with my Mom when I was still in grade school. It was too crowded that time. Thankfully, there are only a few group of people here last Wednesday. Look at the photo above. Most balsa is vacant. Haha.

The weather was nice on that day. We went there via private vehicle but there are provincial buses from Manila going to Lian if you want to commute. Before we went to the beach, we dropped by the market to buy fresh Tilapia for lunch. I promise it is just less than two hours away from Tagaytay. We dropped by so many places before we even reach the destination that's why it took us more than two hours. Haha! 

I know I am not a travel blogger and I am no expert at itineraries but I still want to share this experience since it is just a few hours away from Manila and very budget friendly. We didn't know the name of the resort because it was just the locals who talked to us and accommodated us. I am not sure but I think it is their own balsa and boat that's why it is a lot cheaper.


8:10 AM - Departure
11:30 AM - Arrival at Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas
1:30 PM - Boat ride
3:45 PM - Back to the balsa
4:30 PM - Pack up
5:00 PM - Off to Tagaytay
6:30 PM - Dropped by Twin Lakes
7:00 PM - Home

For the boat ride, the fishermen brought us to the part where the private beaches are. The water is really clean & clear. There a lot of fishes in a specific part where we stopped for snorkeling. I wasn't able to experience it because I don't have good eyesight. I won't see it clearly even if I dive in. Lol. We stayed there for an hour. Then we went to this private beach (photo above) and there are so many sea shells and corals! I am not sure on the name of the private beach though. It's not online too.

I didn't bring my phone with me on the boat ride. I was scared it might fall and drown in the water. The waves are really strong and big. I don't know how others do it and I am paranoid af. Haha! Good thing Ate Aileen brought her phone. We just put it on a plastic so it won't get wet.


Environmental Fee - 25 pesos per person
Balsa - 1,500 pesos for the whole family (10 persons and + 1 kid). No entrance fee.
Parking Fee - 200 pesos for 2 cars. 100 each.
Boat ride - 200 pesos per person (2 hours). 1,200 total for 6 persons
Tilapia (fresh from the market) - 110 per kilo
Shower - 15 pesos per person.

For 11 persons, I can say it is not that bad. We also brought with us our foods so we won't buy there anymore, just the Tilapia. That is a usual thing we do if we go on an outing. We just bring foods to save money.

To be honest, I didn't swim even though I am wearing a swimsuit. Lol. I am definitely not a mermaid, I think? Or maybe I was just not in the mood that day? Haha. I am not a fan of salt water. It makes my eyes itchy and red. Nevertheless, I had so much fun in our quick getaway. The beach is very relaxing. I didn't disappoint us. Even though I was moody af on that day, I appreciate the locals there especially the two kids we met. The locals who helped us are hardworking and very friendly. They even grilled our fish for free. The two kids are already working, maybe just a part time since it's still summer. Maybe that's one thing I like when I travel or just go somewhere.. meeting the locals and knowing them

I am so happy. As you can tell, I posted a lot of beach photos on my Instagram. I still got the enjoy summer even just for a day. The beach is so relaxing and it is just what I needed. Sea you soon, again. :)

P.S. All the photos above are all taken by Oppo smartphones. 



  1. The beach looks really peaceful! Perks of traveling on the weekdays, sighs. Is there a place to stay there overnight? Anyway, I suggest you buy like a waterproofing case for you mobile phone if you really want to bring it to the beach. I have like the waterproof pouch, and it's a total phone saver. It's not good enough for putting the phone underwater though, just for waterproofing like from the rain or splash. :)

    Nika |

    1. There are places to stay overnight but I am not sure with the prices. I guess a waterproof pouch is really a must. Will get one soon. Thank you, Nika! :)


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