10 Happy Things | Vol. 2

Finally! After three months, here is my second 10 Happy Things post! I am still not consistent with my blog series! Haha. I'm now in the mood to write again after I got really emotional with my last post. Here are the things that made me happy for the past months.

1. The people who believe and support me. I know I'm still getting hate lately, online and in reality, but still, I am happy for the people who are always there for me and believe in me. Not everyone likes me. I get that. But right now, my focus is on the people who will help me grow as a person. I don't need more negativity in my life.

2. Opportunities for my blog. I might not be getting a lot like the others but I am happy for the opportunities I have received for my blog. I am really happy and thankful for the companies/brands who trust me and believe in me.

3. New phone. I upgraded my phone to Vivo V5s. I know this one is being materialistic but I am happy for it because the money that I used to buy it (just the down payment though) is from the earnings of my blog. I feel like I needed to upgrade my phone so I can take better photos for my blog. If you've been following me for a long time, you already know that I only use my phone to take photos for this blog.

4. My 23rd birthday. Am I the only one who is happy when they get a year older? Haha! I miss the younger version of me but I guess I already accepted that this me now. I am also happy to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend and my friends. I always celebrate my birthday with them since I had issues with my fam. I am really thankful for their love and effort for me.

5. Makeup. I tried to hold back in buying makeup and it lasted only for three months. Haha! I just can't resist it! I'm started to practice my makeup skills again. Makeup really makes me happy. Period! Lol.

6. Winning an overnight stay at Parque Espana Residence Hotel. It was for the first year anniversary of TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program. I joined their contest/raffle on Facebook and I didn't expect to win because I'm not the kind of person who wins at any contest/raffle. Haha! 

7. Joseph's post birthday celebration at Charito by Bag of Beans. It was our first time to dine there. The place was so nice! Dining there just makes me happy. Haha! The food is kinda expensive though! This was way different from their branch at Twin  Lakes but both are really nice.

8. My boyfriend's new work. He is now on his second month at his new work. Of course, a new work is a blessing and I am happy for him.

9. My boyfriend and his family. Last Sunday, they invited me over because it was her sister's birthday. For almost six years of being together, I feel that I am always welcome and it makes me happy. I admit. I miss having a happy family and I guess I found that happiness again through them. 

10. My skin care routine. It makes me happy because I've seen the effect just recently. I compared my 2014 photo with a recent one. After 3 months of using Korean skincare products and St. Ives religiously, my pimple scars are now gone and I rarely have pimples. Korean skin care is the best! Agree? Haha. 
How about you? What are the things that made you happy recently?


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