Changing My Domain

Earlier this year, I changed from Wordpress free to Blogger and I have no regrets. Taking that risk is worth it. I went back to zero blog statistics but I found a new home with Blogger. My blog grew to where it is now and I've never been so happy.

So yesterday, I finally had the courage to take another risk which is changing my domain. I've been wanting to change my domain for quite some time now but I managed not to. will expire in less than a month. I made a poll on Twitter and on my Instagram story and I asked if I should keep it or just change my domain. won in both polls. Well, to be honest, I had a hard time deciding because I really want to change my domain but I also want to keep the old one. My blogger friend, Clint of, advised me to buy a new domain and renew the other one so it won't be all of a sudden. It was out of my budget but I am willing to do it. However, I had a hard time fixing everything. I bought the new domain first because I was excited af! To make the long story short, I had a hard time redirecting my old domain to the new one. I got pissed with the provider where I bought my old domain. Sorry, but I really had a hard time and it made me decide not to renew my old domain anymore. That would also mean that my DA and PA will be back to zero and my old urls will be broken. I'm taking the risk though! I'm so sorry, but I'm letting you go now. :(

I am very sorry for the short notice but I do hope that you will still support me with my new domain. This means a lot to me and I do hope that taking this risk will also be worth it. 


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