2017: A Year In Review

Before writing this post, I read my previous entry for 2016. I feel like a different person while I was reading it. I've been through a lot last year, especially with my career. And of course, many things have changed as the year passed by.

For the first few months of 2017, I focused on this blog and look where we are now fam. It was January when I moved to Blogger and I can't believe it's almost a year already. I got my first sponsored post in June and I got invited to different blogging events since then too. Then, I changed my domain last October. This December, I won as one of the Best Reviewers for Benton's My Dear Bestfriend Bar. I'm really thankful for all of my friends and readers for supporting me and this blog. I got to work with different brands and companies who I am also thankful for. I never thought it will grow fast.

Let's not forget the day that I met Camie Juan in October. That was the day that I also made new friends. I won't ever forget that happy day. On the other hand, I met Dorothy of dorothytorretijo.blogspot.com and Joyce of itsjoycesalvador.blogspot.com for the first time at the Llaollao event. I got to attend Blogapalooza this December as well. I met Patricia of patrciadenise.com there for the first time (We've been friends online for a year before we met. Haha!) while it is my second time to meet Mei of jojomei.com.

I started working as a freelance writer in September. I finally got to try to work at home and so far so good. I first worked as a writer but I switched to data entry after a month. I was overwhelmed with article writing. Haha! While I was reading my 2016 entry, all I can say that I was really problematic with my career that time. I ended 2016 without any work. Well, I am still confused about my career now but I don't want to pressure myself anymore. So currently, I am working as a virtual assistant. Working at home is not bad at all. I find it convenient, I control my working hours and the pay is much better from my previous jobs tbh.

My boyfriend and his family migrated to the US two weeks ago. It one of the reasons why I didn't find a job. I want my time to be flexible so we can have much time before he leaves and I can say working at home made it easier. All I can say is all the adjustments are worth it. I was with him and his family a week before he left. For the past six years, we are always together and we see each other very often which is the hard part. It is also our first time to celebrate Christmas and New Year away from each other. Literally miles away from each other. I am not used to long distance relationships. I never had one, but we will fight for this relationship and I will wait for him. Cheesy but true! We just kept quiet about this all along. I never posted anything online before he left.

Before 2017 ends, I got another plot twist. My grandma's sister, who I also call and consider as my second Lola, died last December 19. I am not sure if I already said this in my previous blog posts but I live with my relatives, my Mom's two sisters and her. She was an old maiden with no children. I grew up with her, even much longer than my Lola and Lolo. She was 96 years old when she died. She was bedridden for more than three years because of a fracture in her right thigh due to old age. She died peacefully and I hope she is happy with God now.

I can't say that 2017 is the best year for me but it is neither the worst. But just like 2016, I learned so much from it and it made me grow as an individual. I felt lost but I learned to have faith in myself. All the struggles helped me change for the better. Social media is super toxic nowadays and please know that I don't post everything online. Don't act like you know everything about me. So before the new year starts, we'll leave all the toxic relationships, hate, and negative vibes behind. I am thankful for all the opportunities and new friends that this year has brought me. No regrets! However, I won't have high hopes for 2018 anymore. I'll just lift everything to God and have faith in Him. 

For more blog posts, new friends, random conversations and happy thoughts in 2018! Always remember that you are loved and God is always there for us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fam! May God bless us more! xx ♥


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