Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Tint Review & Swatches

BLACK ROUGE is a Korean cosmetics brand. This is my first time to try and make a review from this brand. And for today, I'm going to review their AIRFIT VELVET TINT in the shade A02 and A04.


Like most of my reviews, I would like to start with the packaging. The box and the tube are all in red color which makes it aesthetically pleasing. The box has silver/holographic details on it which I really like. The information on the box is written in Korean though.

The shades are written on the side of the box with their corresponding shades.

And for the product itself, it is on a clear matte plastic glass which I find very classy.

The shades are written at the bottom part of the product. I like that they put the corresponding shade on the stickers. It makes it easier to identify it.

It comes with a doe foot applicator. It might not be that visible on the photo, but it has a small hole on the doe foot applicator which is I believe for holding more product.


A02 - Falling Roses (Red with warm undertone, a bit orangey/coral)
A04 - Raspberry Syrup (Red with cool undertone)

These two shades almost look the same when applied on the lips.

Comparison Photo

A02 - Falling Roses

A04 - Raspberry Syrup


I was surprised by the quality of this tint. I can compare the formula of this to the Peripera tints but this is waaaay more pigmented! I first used this when I went to Batangas for a day tour. I was surprised by the longevity. I put this tint on by 9am and I ate lunch at around 1pm. It left a stain on the lips even after four hours. Without food and drinks, this will definitely last longer.

It is pigmented
The color pay off is good
It feels lightweight on the lips
It is long lasting
It leaves a stain

Takes a few minutes to dry
A bit pricey than the usual tints

I am actually picky with tints because not all of them work on my lips really well. I have dark lips and not all tints give me that color payoff unless it's a gel/oil tint. I like tints that leave a stain on the lips so this is good tint for me. Even for the price (compared to other tints), I think it is worth it!

This product originally costs $15.00 (780 pesos) but you may get this at my Charis shop for only $9.19 (477 pesos)!


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