My Unpopular Opinion About The Famous Madeca Cream

One of the most raved and best selling Korean skincare in 2018 is the MADECA CREAM by Centellian24. It got famous here in the Philippines and is always sold out because of Raiza Contawi, a Filipina youtuber. But the question is, does it really work? I can now finally share my thoughts about it after using it for a month.

What does the Madeca Cream do?

Madeca Cream has TECA essence from Centella Asiatica (also known as Tiger Herb) and other patented active ingredients that add a natural layer of shield to your skin to bring relief to skin agitation and problems, for healthier younger looking skin.

It claims to cure your skin in two weeks. It heals scars and helps diminish acne marks. They have the repair cream and the face mask. The cream comes in 50ml and 15ml. I got the 15ml one which is like the sample size.

Purging Stage

According to Ms. Raiza Contawi and other reviews that I read, you will go through the purging stage upon using this product and it might last for a week or two. Then eventually, you will have better skin.


I searched online and found that this product has so many ingredients. Click here to view the full list. I am not that knowledgeable with ingredients but I read an article from Style Vanity. She has a detailed review of this cream and I was kinda shocked by what I've read.


It comes on a tube like a toothpaste tube. The packaging is very straightforward and medical like.

Formula & Consistency

It's like the usual creams that you get from your derma. It is white and has a bit of heavy texture. It feels kinda sticky and heavy on the face when applied. A little goes a long way.


First Week

My sensitive skin reacted just on Day 2. I will just focus on this area because this was the most affected when I first used it. As you can see, I didn't have many pimples, only acne marks, before using this product. On Day 3, a few pimples started to show. I didn't expect that my skin will react this soon. And on Day 5, I am not sure if you can see it but it has pus already which made it really painful. I continued using it and on the next day, Day 6, it somehow subsided but it still has pus.

Second and Third Week

On the second week, I still get a few bumps. Para silang nanganganak! Lol. They are not as big as before but some still accumulate pus which is very disappointing. I get bumps on my nose, above the lip area, and on my chin. Most reviews said that the purging stage will only last for like two weeks. I still continued using it with hopes it will eventually work on me. On Day 20, I noticed bumps on my forehead which rarely happens to me. As you can see, a lot of marks are now prominent on my face even on my cheeks.


To be honest, I was afraid at first to try it because of the purging stage. I just gave in because most of the reviews that I see are positive and I'd like to know if it really works. I replaced my Aloe Vera Gel for the meantime and included this on my skincare routine as my moisturizer. And that was the worst decision, ever! Lol. On my first week, I used it both morning and night. But with my skin's reaction, I've decided to use it only during night time. I focused on my nose, below the nose, cheeks, and chin area.

So, I will get straight to the point. I am somehow disappointed because it claims that it is for "sensitive skin" but I feel like it is not. Well, it did not work on me. I used it for a month and it only gave me breakouts and it emphasized my pores. Most of the bumps are just tiny but they got all over my face soo.. still not a good thing. It is definitely not an anti-acne product. It left marks on my face and I feel like I have to start all over again. I only had one or two pimples before. Huhu!

It soothes pimples. BIG YES. A pimple easily subsides when I put this cream. But I feel like it is also the one who is causing the bumps. Just my opinion! Lol. Will I continue to use it? Maybe, but only on the pimple area and not on my whole face. Haha!

I know this is one of the most raved Korean product nowadays. Unfortunately, I did not work on my sensitive skin. I don't recommend it for my girls who have sensitive skin like me.

P.S. I did not use any filter on the review photos.

Madeca Cream 15ml
Price: 650 pesos
Local shipping, COD

Madeca Cream 50ml
Price: 1,190 pesos
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Acne Rescue Kit Essential
One cream 50ml and one cream 15ml
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One cream 50 ml, one cream 15ml, derma mask 1box + free gift
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