The 5 Best Sides to Go With Your Pizza Night

Pizza really is the best party food. It is portable, foldable and delicious. Also, with some pizza places even let you earn pizza rewards every time you order, there is almost no guilt behind the purchase. Unfortunately, sometimes pizza alone doesn’t cut it. There are bound to be instances of people wanting something more than a slice, and for those instances, you can add any of these five sides.

1. Breadsticks

Breadsticks are a no brainer for any pizza lover. The doughy, buttery texture dipped in a tasty sauce is likely to satiate anyone's taste buds. The greatest thing about breadsticks is that most pizza places offer a variety of flavored and cheese covered options.

2. Chicken Wings or Poppers

Perhaps your guests are interested in something a little meatier. Chicken wings or poppers are most certainly what they are looking for. Like breadsticks, chicken wings come in a variety of options from sweet and tangy to sauces offering a little more bite.

3. Drinks

While supplying the freshest delivery pizza should be enough for most people, it is likely only right to offer something to drink along with a slice. Many pizza places provide soda in 2 liters and 20 oz options, allowing your guests to pick the option that works best for their pizza-loving palette.

4. Dessert

What meal is complete without a sweet and mouth-watering dessert. While almost every pizza place will offer some version of cinnamon bread, you are in luck when you discover a pizzeria that offers chocolaty treats that ooze with milk chocolate goodness. 

5. Extras

Beyond the essentials above, a party cannot be a pizza party without the extras, meaning sauces. That means if you order breadsticks, get some extra marinara. If you buy the wings, then order some more BBQ. If you decide on cinnamon bread, then don’t forget the extra frosting.

While every pizza night requires pizza and potentially the gluten-free pizza crust, no pizza night can be a party without the options and the extras. Pick up the essentials above and turn a regular pizza night into a family party. 


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