Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette in Day Drink

Koreans are known for their subtle makeup especially on the eye area. They use nude and neutral colors most of the time to have that natural and glowy look. Chica Y Chico is a famous brand in Korea. They are known for these One Shot Eye Palette and I will be reviewing it for you. I got mine in Day Drink.


All of the shades in this palette are in neutral colors. There are 3 mattes (Malibu, Kahlua, Vodka Espresso), 1 shimmer (Cognac) and 2 glittery (Bacardi, Champagne) shades. It makes the whole palette just perfect for an everyday look to a simple night out look. The palette is also a perfect staple in your go-to makeup kit since it is small and lightweight. Each pan is in decent size though, so no worries, you still get enough product.


Photo taken under direct sunglight.


I was surprised that this palette is so pigmented especially the glittery shades. Malibu doesn't show because it is close to my skin tone. The chunks of glitters may be a little too overwhelming to others but for me, it is just perfect. I love this kind of eyeshadows. Vodka Espresso is buildable. I feel like it is more of a coffee black and not straight black. I used this palette as soon as I laid my hands on it and it looks really good on the lids.

Just a tip: The glittery shades can be a little messy. You should put a good base or concealer first so it will make the pigments stick.

You may get this on my Charis shop at a discount price. Cash on delivery is also available! :)


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