Dual Eyes Long & Curl Mascara and Eyelash Tonic

I feel like this is the most beautiful mascara I've ever seen. Haha! Anywany, we will be reviewing the Dual Eyes Long & Curl Mascara and Eyelash Tonic from Lucir Beauty.

They also call it the Changement Long & Curl Mascara and Eyelash Tonic.

I wasn't really sure which photo to use so I've decided to use these two. The lighting affected the appearance of the mascara on the photo. The box is pink and it has white and rose gold metallic details with it. Y'all know I love anything in pink right? Haha!

The mascara is in metallic rose gold with pink details on the middle. It is dual ended because it is a two in one product.

It has the mascara on the one side which has a big applicator though.

And the eyelash toner on the other side. To be honest, I haven't really used this one but I'll update you after I used it for quite sometime. The Eyelash Tonic is for the nutrition of the eyelashes and it helps it to be more healthy and elastic.

I know I've been hyping you up based on the packaging but here are my thoughts about it's performance.


The performance is pretty impressive. It did lengthen my eyelashes and no clumps. The wand of the mascara made it easier for me to apply the product and it also made me eyelashes spread out beautifully. So far, I really like it.

I used it with and without an eyelash curler. And surprisingly, there is almost no difference at all. It is a good thing for me because you don't have to bring your eyelash curler all the time if this will be your go-to mascara.

I like how the mascara lengthens my eyelashes but still gives a natural look. This may really be pricey for a mascara and eyelash toner though. Will update this soon for the eyelash toner. I just used it a couple of times :)



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