1 Praça de Ponte e Horta, Macao

MS Blossom Cafe, Macau

On our third day in Macau, we were looking for something different to eat and good thing we found this European (Italian) cafe named MS Blossom Cafe. It is just a few blocks away from our hotel which is Hou Kong Hotel but the nearest hotel to this cafe is really Hotel S. This is also less than a kilomoter away from Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul's.

📍 MS Blossom Cafe, 1 Praça de Ponte e Horta, Macao

I like how they decorated the restaurant. It is not overwhelming and the ambiance is really just perfect. When we were sitting there, it feels good to be in a European place like this and when you look outside, it is like a different world. Haha! If you're looking for a money changer, there's one just across the cafe.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so perfect especially for mornings and coffee. They serve all-day breakfast. I just found out that they are one of the best restaurants here in Macau. They have high ratings on Facebook and Tripadvisor.

My bestfriend, Karissa, ordered this simple breakfast. I forgot what it called but it's just basically ham, egg, bread and coffee. I think it's like 35MOP for all of these.

Lyndon ordered this burger 🍔 and a coffee ☕. It costs 35MOP something. That burger looks good!

And this is what I ordered. Meal B from their Morning Time Special Price. It's smoked salmon, poached egg, and arugular toast and it costs 48MOP. I'm not a coffee person anymore (acid reflux sucks) and I'm glad they have other options. I ordered hot almond oat milk (additional 7MOP) instead. Really love this healthy breakfast!

I can only review the food that I ordered because that's just what I ate. Haha! The food is good and the price is not that bad. If this is in PH, this would costs more. 😂 Love the hot almond oat milk! I was surprised that it's this big. Haha! I am really not a fan of raw salmon, but this one is an exception. I'm not sure how but it tastes edible to me unlike the ones I tasted in the past. Hindi nakakaduwak. Haha! The salad has a mango salsa but I can barely taste it. I just hope they added more of it.

It looks very simple outside to be honest. Good thing the windows are big enough for us to see what's inside. The service is also great. Will definitely go back here if I'll be in Macau again. Would love to try their lunch and other foods! If you're a foreigner or if you're looking for something European in Macau, I recommend MS Blossom Cafe. You have to try it 😉

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