Things I Wish I Knew in College

Some of my younger cousins asked me a few times about what course should they take in college and which school should they enroll in. So I thought, why not share the things I wish I knew in college in a blog post and also give a few tips? This might also be timely as some teens are now preparing for college.

I was carefree and naive when I was in high school. I had no idea about college and how could it affect my life. So yeah, I was not prepared when college happened. 😆 I guess most of us naman ano? Hehe!

Choose the course that really like ❤️

I took the course Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology because my Mom said so. Haha! That's the reality back in my days and medical courses were in demand too. If you're going to ask some millennials like me, they would probably say the same thing (Millenials, please tell me I'm not the only one! Haha!). Titles were a thing for most parents that's why they want their kids to take law and medical courses, engineering, architecture, criminology, etc. I wanted to take AB Multimedia Arts or Computer Science back then. Arts, hospitality and other courses were not that in demand since most people think of it as passion jobs that are not stable and won't do much in terms of earning money from their perspective. It was just recently when people started to recognize these courses. People are now more open-minded about this, so it might not be a big issue now. I hope so!

Kids, don't make the same mistake. Choose what you want to do whether it is art, writing, etc. The course that you will be taking in college will be your career and you will be doing it in the most days of your life. Well, unless you end up changing careers like me. Hehe!

People might also say that the school is also a factor. Yes, it is for some courses or careers. It may help you land on a better job but not really 💯. I have friends who are not from prestigious universities but are doing well in their careers. So don't worry if you are not going to a known school. You got this! 👍

Know your study habits 📚 + time management ⌚

I was not nocturnal when I was in college. I always end up sleeping instead of reviewing at night. So what did I do? I changed my study habits. While most people I know ay nagsusunog ng kilay sa gabi, I slept early. Haha! After I got home, I would rest for a while and read my modules a few times. Then, I would sleep. I commute almost every day going to my university so I wake up and leave extra early because it takes an hour to get there. Then, I will study while I am on the bus. Haha! And if I arrive early, that would be better because I still have more time to review. This was effective on me and it may not be for everyone. Haha! Set your study habits, manage your time and know what's effective for you.

Don't stress and pressure yourself 😉

There will be a lot of quizzes, research, recitation, and deadlines but don't stress and pressure yourself. I've been seeing some students nowadays complaining about school works. Things may not be the same as before but trust me, we've been there. I also went to school at 7 a.m. for my first class and my last subject would end at around 6 p.m. I even had one class that would last for 5 or 6 hours since it is lab work. Haha! We even had 6 or 7 quizzes in one day. Haha!

College can be draining and stressful but don't forget to breathe in, breath out. It is okay to go out and hang out with your friends sometimes.

To date or not to date in college? 💑

This is actually up to you. Dating in college doesn't mean you'll get pregnant or what. Just know your priorities and know your limits. The elders tend to get overprotective especially when you are at this age so please do understand them. I was annoyed about this issue before but after college, I finally get to understand their feelings.

Joseph and I started dating just three months after the freshman school year started and we're still together after more than 8 years. Haha! Not that I am encouraging you to date in college, but this is just my experience. Some people will discourage and judge you just because you date. But the truth is, it will be your choice if dating can harm you and your studies. I know people who are in a relationship just like me and still graduate college. If you think your relationship is affecting your studies, then maybe it is time to prioritize things. A healthy relationship in college shouldn't affect your studies. Instead, they will motivate and encourage you. Vice versa. Yep, your support system. And if you think, dating is not for you yet. Don't worry, it is normal too.

You are not a failure 🤗

If you changed course, repeated a semester, failed a quiz, a subject, or a board exam, please always remember that you are not a failure. Take it as a challenge and overcome it. Who knows, it might teach you a lesson, it might help you find what you want to do, or it might help you find yourself.

I've been there! I failed my board exam twice. It was a big deal for me before. Ofc, it is! I thought there was something wrong with me. What was I lacking? Is my effort not enough? But I guess, it is just not for me. If ever I passed the board exam, I would be working as a Radiologic Technologist and I won't be doing what I am doing right now. I would be different. This might be a redirection back to what I wanted to do in the first place.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is part of life.

Allow yourself to grow and enjoy your youth.

When I was in high school, I would join our school's photojournalism contests, CPU assembling, making and editing our school's website, and I also wrote fiction stories. My course was way different from what I did back then and from what am doing right now. I am thankful that I did not let go of some of my passion projects which include this blog. I don't have any background in being a virtual assistant, freelance works or anything about writing, editing, photography, marketing, and computer-related stuff. I learned these things all by myself. I wish I took up a related course to what I like to do because I still wanted to learn more.

Start a new hobby. Learn new things. Do not let go of your passion projects. Instead, explore more of it. Do what you want to do while you still have that freedom. You might think that you want the 'freedom' of the adults because we can already do or buy what we want. But believe me, the freedom you have now is different. Enjoy your youth. Adulthood is way harder than what you think it is.

I know I should be encouraging you to have high grades but no, I won't pressure you. Instead, I want you to focus on these things. I don't mean that the grades are not relevant, they still are. Keep that mind. But these things will help you get ready for your next stage in life which is adulthood.

You might get lost along the way. Don't worry. You got this. I already did it, you can do it too! 💖

So are you ready to start your college life?


I asked some of my friends what are the things they wish they knew in college and here are their answers:

❝I wish I knew that college is also the best time to start doing and building the thing that you want and love. To all the college students out there, start your happiness or passion project because despite that you think you don’t have the time due to acads, here I am telling that you do. You have more time and energy now than when you’re working/adulting already. So start now! Start that business, that blog, that youtube channel! You’re adult self will thank you.❞
✨ Bea of

❝I wish I knew what I really wanted back in college.❞
✨ Renee of

❝When I was in college, I already had some doubts if the course I took was something I want to do for the rest of my life. It's not because I'm failing or whatnot. In fact, I'm one of the top students in our batch. Not saying this to brag or anything but if there's one thing I wish I knew in college, it's the realization that being good at one thing doesn't always mean it's meant for you. Yes you can be successful but deep inside, it will not give you fulfillment. There will always be 'what ifs' and that's the hardest part as you continue to grow your career in the industry you've chosen. But in this life, I'd like to say that despite of that realization, I still believe that everything really happens for a reason. If you feel like you're making the wrong choices, don't fret. Just think of it as a stepping stone to something bigger that's meant for you.❞
✨ Danica of

❝For me, not achieving your dream job doesn't mean your a failure. It's just that, it is not meant to be. There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities. Don't lose hope because your next or current job might be the one that you are meant to have. When a door closes, a window will open. Not being hired does not mean your a failure or you are lesser than anybody. You are not. It is just that, there is a better opportunity coming your way. Don't lose your confidence because of a single rejection.❞
✨ Karissa

❝I wish I knew how to properly put everyday makeup when I was in college. Sana I know how to saved my baon when I was in college. Sana I knew to make landi in college edi sana may jowa na ako ngayon. (Charot lang toh! Hahaha!)❞
- Rej of


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