J.P. Rizal St, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Experience Filipino Cuisine at The RSM by LieSil's Restaurant and Events Place

LieSil's Restaurant and Events Place is just new in Tagaytay but it already made a name. They have a restaurant, cafe and events place. I was so glad when I first tried it last Monday. 

At first, I thought LieSil's Rrestaurant and Events Place is just one restaurant. But I was wrong. The restaurant is under RSM Restaurant and the cafe is La Corazon Cafe, both are located on the ground floor. Their events place is located at the second floor and on the garden side. Their place is kinda huge actually and is really a good place for events.

I am making two blog posts for this review. A separate each for the restaurant and for the cafe so it won't be too long for you. So for this blog post, I will review their restaurant. The La Corazon Cafe blog post is here. 


RSM Restaurant serves Filipino cuisine and is known for the lutong-bahay. 

Since we are still in the COVID era, we are required to follow safety precautions. You will need to fill out the contact tracing form and get your temperature. You also need to sanitize before you go in. Face mask and face shield is also required. Only 15 years old to 65 years old are allowed for dine-in.

The restaurant feels Filipino but in a modern style. Social distancing is still a must so the restaurant is following the government's protocol. The capacity is limited but it's a good thing that the place is spacious enough.

There are also tables and cabanas outside. This garden is one of my favorite since it's refreshing. This place is very instagrammable. Haha! 

There's also a gazebo and the back part is for the events place. 

LieSil's at Night



This is what we ordered. It's very Filipino. We are just two so this is already so much for us. Hehe!

KARE-KARE (470 Pesos)

Of course, Kare-kare is always on every Filipino restaurant. Haha. And it is a must to order so that's what we did. The texture of the pork meat is really good. However, the dish itself is just okay for me. 

BEEF TAPA BINALOT SA DAHON with Egg and Tomato (220 Pesos)

This is Janella's order. Beef Tapa is my favorite and I approve this! The beef is cooked well and is not hard to chew.

BEEF MURCON BINALOT SA DAHON with Egg and Tomato (185 Pesos)

This is my order and I approve this too! The meat is tender and savory. Parang sa fiestahan! Hehe.


As for the food, we were only able to try partial of the menu. Janella and I both liked the Binalot. The Kare-kare is just okay for us though. Their menu may be pricey but most of the restaurants here in Tagaytay are like that. 

First of all, their place is superb! No doubt about that. Having a cafe, restaurant and events place in one is impressive and it's a good business here in Tagaytay. Everything's picture perfect and clean. The business is also doing great considering that they are just new. The service is also remarkable as everyone's friendly and accommodating.


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