Kdrama Review: The Uncanny Counter (Season 1)

The Uncanny Counter (2021) is a South Korean tv series based on the webtoon Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi. I was finding a new series to watch after Start-Up when I found this on Netflix. I had no idea what this kdrama is about and I also didn't know that it just started that time. Haha! But no regrets! I patiently waited for the new episodes every week. This is definitely a top-tier for this year. 💯

Title: The Uncanny Counter (English Title)
Genre: Fantasy, mystery, thriller
Based on: Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi
Country of origin: South Korea
Original language: Korean
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 16
Release date: November 28, 2020 to January 24, 2021



The story starts when So Mun (Jo Byung-gyu), a crippled high school student who is always bullied, suddenly got enlisted to became a "Counter". Counters are a group of demon hunters and they have special abilities. So Mun is a powerful counter and is considered the group's ace. 


So Mun meets his other members and they disguise themselves as employees at a noodle restaurant. Every counter has a story to tell and they are all heartbreaking.

Choo Mae-ok (Yeom Hye-ran) —The eldest among his members. She has the ability to heal. She is also the biological mother of Su-ho and his Yung's partner. 

Do Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong) — She can sense evil sprits even from kilometers away and she can also read people's memories even from long time ago.

Ga Mo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang as Ga Mo-tak) — A police officer who is related to So Mun's parents. He had a near death experience and lost his memories because of that incident. He became a mentor of So Mun while he is still training as a new counter. 


I appreciate So Mun's character development in the series. From a high school kid who is unable to control his emotions, he learned so much from being a Counter. From the very start, he's more powerful from the others. I didn't expect the ending though! He was possessed by another partner spirit. It never crossed my mind that it would be possible. What a twist! So he's like the most powerful counter now? 

I also appreciate Se-jeong here! I love her ever since I watched her from School 2017 and seeing her act in this series makes me appreciate her more. This is far from the roles she portrayed before (from cutesy to edgy). Her character is badass here and she is perfect for it. 🖤

I would like to see more of her and her story in the second season! Especially Mo-tak. They did him dirty by making the love of his life dead. I hated that scene! I was rooting for them! I also prayed that Ms. Chu won't die on this season and please don't let her die even on the next season. Protect her at all cost. 🥺 I also want her to end up with Jang-mul. SHIP! 💑

I'm glad that aside from his Counter family and his loving grandparents, So Mun has his loyal friends. They are a big part of his journey as a Counter especially during this early training days. They never left him even he's MIA most of the time.

The first writer left her job after 12 episodes and was replaced in the last 4 episodes. You can easily tell because of the sudden twists. So Mun was the center again and the other Counter's stories are left hanging. I like how the Counters and their Yung partners unite at the mid and ending. Even though they had conflicts in the past. 

Son Ho-jun's cameo. This is unexpected but I had the feels that it might not end well and I was right. It still hurts even though we only got to see him in a short period. I really hope they won't lose another member even on the next season. 😢

So Mun got the happy ending he deserves. He finally met his parents and this is where we all cried.😭 Haha! The new writer really knows how to play with our feelings. I almost believed that his parents won't recognize him. 

The ending is satisfying as it gave us a proper closure. It also gave us a hint of what can we expect in season two. 

So why is this a top tier kdrama this year? Watch it so you will know! Haha. It will make you hooked on the first episode and the ending will make you anticipate for the second season. It gathered high ratings as it reaches the ending. The casts are perfect and the story is unique. The fighting scenes are also smooth and badass. 

And you read it right! They announced that there will be a second season. Can't wait for it! I will miss watching this series. How about you? Have you watched this series? If not, add it on your list! 😉


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