Purok 4 Malaking Tatiao, Silang, Cavite, Philippines

TalaArawan Cafe: A Hidden Gem in Silang, Cavite

TalaArawan Farm Cafe, Silang, Cavite

Silang is now also a rising municipality in Cavite. We found this hidden gem which is a newly opened cafe amidst the garden-fresh greens 🍃 and trees of Silang. The cafe is named after TalaArawan which means diary 📓 in Tagalog.

📍 TalaArawan Farm Café, Purok 4 Malaking Tatiao, Silang, Cavite

TalaArawan Farm Cafe, Silang, Cavite

TalaArawan Farm Cafe is a simple garden/farm cafe yet it will give you the probinsya relaxing vibe. It is not easy to go here but it's worth it! They serve superb foods! 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe, Silang, Cavite

Parking spaces are available. You can waze or use google map and pin RTMC Yangmoon as it is just across the cafe. Maybe they'll have their own pin soon. For public transpo, I think you will need to go the Silang Bayan and ride a tricycle to get here. 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe, Silang, Cavite

They are pet-friendly. I think they have no wifi but the data signal is okay though. 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe, Silang, Cavite

We went there on a Saturday and it was raining. Imagine the vibe! I think you'll love it here rain or shine. It's cozy!


TalaArawan Farm Cafe Menu


We were able to try a lot from their menu and they're all surprisingly good! 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Hot Caramel Macchiato

They serve hot and cold drinks for coffee and non-coffee based. 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Hot Tsokolate

The Tsokolate/Hot Chocolate doesn't taste heavy cocoa or something. It's just right and I like it that way. 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Fruit Teas

They also have fruit teas in case you're not into coffee and for refreshments.

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Iced Matcha Latte and Iced Mocha Macchiato

I was able to try both of these. The Matcha Latte is unexpectedly good as for someone who is not really into matcha. It is sweet though! The Mocha Macchiato is also good and not too sweet.

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Cheesy Truffle Fries and Beef Fajita Cheesy Steak Sandwich

I highly recommend their Cheesy Truffle Fries!! One of the best on their menu! The Beef Fajita Cheese Steak Sandwich is savory. Just look at the rich meat right there! 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Pasta and Rice Meals

I highly recommend their Pan Speared Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce. It's my favorite dish from them. The Pork Teriyaki is tasty and the meat is tender.

I have a bias with the Truffle Alfredo because I love this kind of pasta. Haha! And theirs did not disappoint! The Tinapa and Longanisa Pasta is a weird (for me) combination of meat and seafood. It is also good but it depends on your preference actually. Special mention: I love the garlic pesto bread! 

TalaArawan Farm Cafe Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake

As for dessert, they have cakes but it depends on what is available for that day and it is written on their chalk board. We had Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake. Both are good especially the Tiramisu!

TalaArawan Farm Cafe, Silang, Cavite

Our overall experience is great. Will definitely go back here and highly recommend! The servers are friendly and attentive. You will think that the food is expensive but it is acutally not. It is affordable. Excellent value for money. Price range is 500 to 100 pesos for two pax. I love that they have a lot of dishes to choose from even on their opening. As for their drinks, it is just okay for now but still can be improved. The probinsya and cozy vibe is a plus! 




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