Netflix Review: A Very Good Girl (2023)

A Very Good Girl is a 2023 Filipino dark comedy film starring Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon, two best and award-winning actresses in the Philippines. This movie was released in cinemas last September 27, 2023 but is now available on Netflix. 

Title: A Very Good Girl
Genre: Dark Comedy
Country of origin: Philippines
Original language: Tagalog, English

** Spoiler Ahead! ** 


Seeking revenge, Mercy adopts the identity of Philo to infiltrate the lavish world of business tycoon Mother Molly, who had unjustly terminated her five years prior. Under the guise of Philo, Mercy systematically undermines those in Mother Molly's circle, gradually rendering the older woman reliant on her. However, as Philo's revenge scheme escalates in peril, she discovers the true nature of Mother Molly.


I don't usually review Philippine local tv series or movies. But I think this movie is worth to review as it is a sought after movie hand there are mixed opinions about this too. I also got curious because revenge genre is not usual here in the Philippines and I wanna know how they carry out this movie. 

It is a star studded movie because of the casts. Both of the main casts are famous and award winning also the supporting actors so people's expectations are really high. Especially Kathryn who finally steps out of her comfort zone when she accepted this role. She is known for romance and drama genre. 

Everything she did on the movie is really something new to see. She definitely showed some skin, cursed a lot like a normal human, and proved she can do revenge genre. I think she can do kontrabida or villain roles. She really stood out on the movie. She is beautiful and she executed the character well especially as Philo. 

I expected more of Ms. Dolly though. I mean screen time and character background! 

As for the plot, I am not really satisfied with it. I think there are loop holes and it could've been better. Since this is a revenge movie, I expected a deeper root cause or feeling from the main character. Mercy and Philo started strong but it all went down when she lost all her funds and needed money for her family. But it's a Filipino thing, I guess? Justice and success is hard to achieve especially when you're not privileged. At least she tried? Haha.

The ending was not what I expected and I don't know if it's a good thing or not. Haha! At least there's something that made me a little thrilled. Haha. The last part is giving a mean girls ending. I think revenge movies and series should have a complicated plot but this movie's plot is really not giving for me. 

With everything that happened, I feel like it's giving a lesson to ponder. Even if you do revenge and succeed, it will not always be a happy ending and it's not always worth it. 

Rating ⭐ 8/10 

P.S. Photos are not mine. 


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