2016: A Year In Review

2016 is not a good year for me. It’s not the worst for me, but still, it is not a good one just like 2015. This year gave me too much lessons and too much disappointment. I feel like nothing good really happened to me this year except that I became more active in this blog.

From January to June, I self reviewed for my Radiologic Technologist board examination. Yes, that’s 6 months. I decided to start reviewing early since I won’t go to a review center and just review all by myself. Then on July, I took the examination. On the same month, the results came out and I still failed the exam. I admit, I got my hopes high and I really got disappointed with the results. I lost my confidence.

After the results came out, I worked at a hospital. I was happy when I got the job since my boyfriend works there too. It was the first time we worked together and on the same department. We didn’t become classmates in college so I got really excited that we’ll work together. The hospital wasn’t far from my home. At some point, I thought that was a blessing since I failed the exam but I still got a job. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to be patient, I can’t stay on my job because of some reasons. I didn’t feel welcomed after quite some time. I also didn’t get along with my boss. He was too controlling and he even commands me to do his works even if it is not on my job description. To me it is very unprofessional and even the way he speaks. No wonder most employees of that hospital always resign after just a few months. The working environment is not very healthy for some reasons. I don’t want to elaborate more of it though. My boss didn’t even want to talk to me or have my exit interview. He always reasons out that he’s busy even though he is not. He even doesn’t want to give me my last salary because of his bullshit reasons. So in the end, even though I like my job, I had to resign just to save my sanity. I swear I didn’t know where my confidence went after all the disappointment that happened to me.

After my resignation, there are so many questions in my head and I even had doubts if I still want to be a Radiologic Tecnhologist as my career. I feel that the board exam is holding me back to pursue the career that I want or getting a stable job. I still haven’t decided on what career I want to pursue. I am thinking of taking my blogging career to the next level or have photography classes. I can still remember when I was in high school. My hobbies are photography and writing. I even wrote stories on Wattpad and online I just don’t know what happened to me now. I stopped with my hobbies when I was in college. Photography and writing is not related to medical courses. I enjoyed my college life though. Now I really can’t decide which career to take.

It is so hard to decide what I want to do in my life since the culture and perspectives of the people here in the Philippines are different. They will judge you no matter what you do especially if your job is different from your degree. I heard so many criticisms about me getting a job that is not related to my degree or a job that is way to low for their thinking. Most of my relatives just want me to have a job so I can be financially responsible with my Aunt. Life is so unfair. I am stuck with a life that I didn’t want.

For the positive ones, I can say I achieved some of my blog goals this year. I bought my own domain and I became active this year. Yehey! So far that’s the only achievement I received this year, I guess. Hahaha! I also learned so much about blogging this year. It helped me do much in my blog. I improved in doing my makeup as well. Haha! I still need more practice though. And by the way, I also bought a new phone this year. Yaaas! Oh and I got new friends too! I found a true friend during my past job. Shoutout to Ma’am Venus! She’s so supportive of me and I found a true friend in her. I met some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers too.

With all the disappointments, I learned so many life lessons. It’s okay to lose some of your friends. We can’t please everybody. Not everyone deserves to know everything about you. You don’t have to explain yourself in anything you do or in whatever you decide. You don’t need toxic people in your life. Be with the people who will support you and will make you happy. Focus on creating yourself. Think of your future. Those are just some of the lessons I’ve learned. Haha!

I want to redeem myself in 2017 and be closer to God again. I haven’t decided on which path to take but I will get there. I just lift everything to Him and I just hope my 2017 to better. I am tired of all the disappointments already. I am thinking of posting a 2017 goals here on my blog so I can elaborate each of them more.


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