KJM Lip and Cheek Tint Review and Swatches

I am a lipstick girl but lately, I have been using lip tints more often. I like using lip tints because it is more natural. Aside from that, it is not heavy on the lips. Most tints are for cheeks and lip but I only use it for my lips. I have tried putting it on my cheeks but I guess I am not good in blending it. Got no skills for that yet! Lol.

One of the most hyped lip tints here in the Philippines is the Lip and Cheek Tint from KJM Cosmetics. I found positive comments about their product. KJM Cosmetics is a local brand from Davao. I finally got to try their product this week and I would love to share it with you guys. I got mine in Dolled and Summer Kiss.

It has gold and black combination on the label. It looks very sleek and I really like it. It comes on a roll-on applicator. There are some people who have issues with it but it doesn’t matter to me since I only use it for my lips. The downside is the hygienic part if you use it on both cheeks and lip. The roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply the product. The information about the brand and ingredients are also indicated on the label which is a good thing.

Beware of the fake ones. They DOT NOT produce tints with gold labels anymore. Check out their instagram or official website to know more on how to spot the fake one from the real one.

In applying this product, please be reminded that this product might stain on the teeth just like any other lip tint. It also better if you moisturize your lips first. The product might emphasize dry patches on the lips. The product doesn’t have any smell. It has a taste but not as strong as other lip tints.

Here are the swatches of Bittersweet Magenta and Summer Kiss (dried). Bittersweet Magenta is on the red shade while Summer Kiss is on the orange shade. My cousin got hers in Bittersweet Magenta that’s why I got to swatch it.

My lips are uneven. It is a bit dark on the outer part of my lips and I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t always put lip balm before and I like to pullout some skin sometimes. It is always dry. Mind you, I don’t smoke. For real. Never in my life. 😉

I thought SUMMER KISS will suit me that’s why I chose this one. I like it in the orange shade but it doesn’t suit me well. When I apply this shade, it doesn’t spread evenly on my lips. It makes the dark part of my lips too obvious. It only shows the true color of it on the inner part of my lips. I think this shade will look good on girls who have even color of lips. This just look really good on others. How I wish it looked good on me as well! Btw, sorry for the messy hair!

They say that BITTERSWEET MAGENTA is their best seller. I tried it once and I realized why it became their best seller. It looks natural on the lips. It is in red violet shade (in between red and magenta). Again, the dark part of my lips is still a bit obvious but this is more acceptable on my lips. Why does the shades that I like/best seller doesn’t look good on me? Lol!

DOLLED is what I like the most out of three. Lakas maka-fresh lang. It is more on the pink shade, like a bit hot pink. I don’t have issues in applying this one. It doesn’t make the dark part of my lips obvious. It turns out just really good on me and it even last long on my lips.

TIP IN BUYING LIP TINT (Lesson learned): In buying lip tints, don’t depend on the sample photos. There are some chances that the shade might not suit you. Think of the type of your lips first. If you don’t have any issues with your lips and your lips are all even, then good for you. You can choose any shade that you want. But if you have a combination (a bit dark on the outside) like me, finding the right shade might be hard. We are not sure if orange or violet tint will suit you. For the universal shade, just choose the red one. It will always look natural anyhow. Lol!

Note: If a shade doesn’t suit me or I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it won’t suit you too. It may look good on you. We have different types and standards in choosing what will look good on us.

Here’s a grabbed photo of all the swatches. They have 10 shades namely: Girl Talk, Tango, Pink Puff, Vibe, Summer Kiss, Bewitched, Dolled, Bittersweet Magenta, Fused and Bloodshot. Each product costs 110-150 pesos.


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