What’s In My Bag? • My To-Go Make Up Kit

My bag and the things in it are just simple. I just bring my essentials with me although I used to have a big bag with lots of stuffs before. So here are my stuffs and why I always bring it with me..

My bag is from SM Parisian. I bought it for only 499 pesos. I remember when I bought this bag, I grabbed it and never let it go even though I am still thinking of buying it. This bag has many variety if colors and texture to choose from but I know the lady beside me was looking at this bag. I knew she liked this one. To our surprise, this was the last stock. The lady got disappointed. Hahaha! Sorry. I saw it first. :p

My umbrella. I never go out the house without my umbrella. My Mom always reminds me that I should always have this in my bag especially when commuting. And she’s right. Less hassle. I bought it when I was in 3rd year college. It is from Fiberella. I bought this at around 350 to 450 pesos and it’s not automatic.

My coin purse. I bought this at here in Tagaytay and it’s a souvenir item. Before, I always bring my Santa Barbara wallet with me. I put there all my cash, atm, and other cards. But one day, I found it bulky so I decided to get a bigger coin purse where my cards can fit as well.

My handy notebook. I got this from GE. It is a giveaway at the hospital where I used to work. It is very handy and it comes with a ballpen as well. It has sticky notes inside too. This where I write down some important info like cellphone numbers, account numbers, and bills info. I tend to forget things easily that’s why I need this notebook with me.

A perfume from ForMe. Joseph gave this to me and I really like it because it smells good and it’s in pink.

My iPhone 5s, Oppo f1s and Asus powerbank in 10,000 mAh. Every iPhone user knows the struggle of the battery of the iPhone. I had to buy a handy powerbank and I found this one at Electroworld.

Earphones. It is a must for me to have this in my bag especially when commuting. I always listen to music.

My eyeglasses case. I always bring my eyeglasses with me every time I use my contact lenses. My eyeglasses is from Asian Eye Institute. I forgot to include my eyedrops!

And another one, tissue!

Lastly, my to-go make up kit. It’s just a simple black pouch and it is from Waltermart Department store. I bought it from last week. What I always bring are my Fashion 21 two way cake, Nivea lip balm, Nichido eyebrow pencil (Kilay is life! Lol) and my Tony Moly lip tint. There are some additional sometimes like a lipstick or my contour kit. I just bring the things that I want to, depending on my mood.

For my to-go make up, I just use BB Holic in light. I put it after I moisturize my face. I don’t include it on my kit though. Then I will set it with powder. Sometimes, I put eyeshadow in neutral color just to make my eyes pop a bit. I use my BYS matte eyeshadow palette. And for the blush and contour, I use my favorite BYS contour trio. Then of course, the eyebrows. For the lips, I always use my Tony Moly lip tint but if I am on the mood for lipstick, I use my favorite Maybelline Creamy Mattes in the shade Clay Crush and Touch of Spice. They’re good for everyday look!

So that’s for What’s In My Bag and my To-Go Make-Up Kit. Have you tried any product from this list? Or do you have any recommendations for good make up products? Comment it down below! Thank you so much for reading!


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