Kissproof Soft Lipstick 005 and 009 Review

I am currently obsessed with lipsticks and I don’t know why! Maybe I was really looking for a matte lipstick that is really ‘transfer proof’ and I think I finally found it. So let me share with you my first impression on this lipstick.

Kissproof Soft Matte Lipstick is a product made by MeNow. I was curious about this product for so long. I found out that it can only be ordered online because it is not available on any department stores unless there is a physical shop that sells it and I got a bit surprised because most shops sell it for only Php100.00.

I ordered mine online on instagram at KISSPROOF_MNL. They are on sale now, so you better get yours now!

This is the box and it has a leaflet in it. The leaflet contains the manufacturer, directions, ingredients, and description. This product is made in China. The packaging is quite good for a price of Php100.00. Thumbs up for this!

I only bought 2 shades because I only want to try it out. I have #05 and #09. According to other reviews, it’s pigmented and transfer proof. It’s real guys! I tried kissing the back of my hand, it didn’t transfer! I just didn’t get to try how long it last but according to other videos, it’s long lasting too. This product really amuse me! It’s matte, pigmented, transfer proof and long lasting for just Php100.00! It doesn’t bleed on the sides of the lips as well.

In the upper photo, the lipstick is left is #09 and on the right side is #05. I also took a photo of the swatches. The upper one is #09 and below it is shade #05.

To get most of the product, you have to sharpen it. Haha. It’s not twistable or anything. And by the way, you can’t just use any sharpener since the size of the lipstick is bigger than the usual. I found a sharpener on Ever Bilena and it’s only Php50.00.

Since the lipstick is transfer proof, it is also hard to remove it. In other vlogs or reviews, they use petroleum jelly or oil but I used San San Make Up Remover Wipes. I’ve been using this for quite a long time now and it can really wipe my make up easily. I bought it at HBC Cosmetics for only Php70.00.

For the overall rating about this product, I can say it’s good for a price of Php100.00. Imagine that? I can give this lipstick 9/10. You can view more swatches on YouTube. This lipstick have variety of colors to choose from. 

Follow up/Edit: Here’s a photo of me using this lipstick. Make up by yours truly. I used #05 here. No filter.


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