Tonlymoly Tint Delight Review

Lip tint is on trend nowadays. It became popular first in Korea where gradient lips is on trend. Unlike lipsticks, lip tint’s aim is to give your look a more natural one.

According to their website,

TONY MOLY is a global cosmetic brand that offers the ideal skin look. It is an urban lifestyle beauty brand popular for the modern and chic woman around the world.

To know more about their brand, you can visit their website.

To be honest, this is my first Tony Moly product. For a south girl like me, Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall are the nearest mall where I can buy this brand. Still far away from home though!

They have two lip tint colors – DELIGHT TONY TINT 3-02 RED and DELIGHT TONY TINT 2-01 CHERRY PINK. Their shade of red is in bloody red while the other one is in purplish pink. I bought mine in red. The saleslady can’t find their stock of the pink ones but I really want the cherry pink. *roll eyes. lol*

I only bought this product for only 178.00 pesos. The cheapest product I saw. Lol! They have another lip tint and it is more expensive than this. I asked the saleslady why and she said it’s the formula because the expensive one also moisturizes your lips while the cheaper one is just an ordinary lip and tint product. Although it’s just an ordinary lip tint, I still bought it because it’s cheaper than my Etude House lip tint.

According to their website as well, the product claims to be/to have:

  • Lip tint with 98% of moisture base
  • Botanical oil prevents from drying and keeps moisture on lips
  • Fresh and fruit scent

This product doesn’t have a strong scent which is a good thing for people who do not like any scent on their beauty products. It also doesn’t have any taste unlike other lip tints. And one more thing I like about this product, it really stains on the lips for so long. Therefore, I can say it’s long lasting. As I browse their website, this product is one of their best seller here in the PH.

My final verdict on this product: 4/5.

For more of their products and stores, you may visit their website or check out their instagram page as well @tonymolyph.

How about you? Have you tried any Tony Moly product? Please share it down below! Again, this is not a sponsored post. Thanks for reading! ❤


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