L'Oreal Infallible 10HR Lipstick Swatches and Review (All Shades)

L'Oreal Infallible was one of L'Oreal Paris' new makeup products that was released last 2016. It includes a 24 hr long wear liquid foundation, 10hr long wear lipstick, 16hr long wear powder and the infallible setting spray. But for now, this post will be all about their 10hr long wear lipstick. I got these products from Rhea Bue's giveaway last Christmas. Thank you so much, Love! And of course, I would also like to thank L'Oreal PH! ;)

This Infallible 10hr Long Wear Lipstick claims to be:
  • Fade-proof
  • Food-proof
  • Dry-proof

The packaging is very sleek. The base is black while the color of the cap corresponds to the shade of the lipstick. The cap made it easier to distinguish the shades of each lipstick. On the other hand, the specific shade is on the bottom part of the lipstick tube. 

There is something written on the cap but it is too small and I think it is not even readable. I can't even tell what is written on it. The manufacturer and manufacturing date is indicated on the other side which is also good. It is readable.

They have a total of 20 shades. You can view all the swatches at BeautyMNL. The photo below are my swatches of the five shades that I have. My favorite shades are the Everlasting Plum and Resilient Raisin.

From Top to Bottom:
Resilient Raisin
Bold Bordeaux
Everlasting Plum
Persistent Plum
Refined Ruby

What I like about L'oreal lipsticks is that they are very creamy and super pigmented especially this Infallible lipstick. It glides on the lips very smoothly. It also has a creamy scent to it. Resilient Raisin, Persistent Plum and Bold Bordeaux are good for everyday look especially to my working girls out there. While Everlasting Plum and Refined Ruby are great for a night out or events. This is not a matte lipstick, by the way. It has a satin/demi-matte finish.

Here are the lip swatches that I made. I hope you won't mind the pimples around my lips.

Resilient Raisin is more on a dark brown shade. Bold Bordeaux and Persistent Plum are on a plum/berries shade. It's just Persistent Plum is more on the red tone. Refined Ruby is on a perfect red shade. Lastly, Everlasting Plum is on the magenta shade.

I used Everlasting Plum when Ii went out for an errand. It stayed on my lips without any fading for hours. Though I think that this lipstick can really last long depending on the food that you eat and maybe the shade that you are wearing. It actually stains on the lips and has minimal transfer when drinking. The fact that it stayed on my lips and no fading for hours (without eating) is already impressive to me. To  make this lipstick really transfer-proof and matte, use a tissue to damp it a bit on your lips.

Final Verdict: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 

(5/5) I still like this lipstick because it is affordable, very creamy, very pigmented, and it is easy to apply. It only costs 400.00 pesos. You can avail this product on L'Oreal counters at SM department stores and Watson's. You can also avail it online at BeautyMNL, Lazada and Zalora. This lipstick can really last long through out the day and all the shades are superb!

I will also be doing a review for the rest of the L'Oreal Infallible products. Next is their 24hr long wear liquid foundation and 16hr long wear powder, so you better watch out for that. ;)

Have you tried any L'Oreal Infallible products? What are your thoughts about it? Please do share and comment down below. I would like to hear it from you.


  1. Congrats in winning the giveaway, Elaine! Bold Bordeaux looks good on you, btw. <3

    xx, The Diary Queen

  2. I haven't tried any of the Infallible products, but I would love to try the pro-glow foundation soon!

    I think my favorite lip color on you is Resilient Raisin. :)

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. There are so many positive reviews about product. I bet that foundation is really good. Thanks, Mel. ;)


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