10 Happy Things | Vol. 1

Welcome to my first Friday's 10 Happy Things; things that made me smile this week/month. Yeah, also this month because I know that I might not be consistent with this. And to be honest, I didn't know that this post is not easy since I had to think of 10 happy things, as in 10 happy things. Haha! I haven't been anywhere, I did almost nothing and I've been feeling a bit down for the past weeks. By the way, 10 Happy Things was revived by Helga from ditz-revolution.net.

1. When I heard Coldplay live. I already posted so much about Coldplay's concert here in Manila on my Twitter and Instagram. So to tell you again (lol), I was #TeamLabas on that day. I didn't get a chance to buy a ticket even though I was really planning to buy one. Getting a ticket is a struggle! Long story to tell, but yeah, I still went there with my boyfriend even though we didn't have a ticket. My boyfriend is very supportive. Haha! Good thing the concert was held at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, not at Mall of Asia Arena. There were so many fans outside the venue. We were still able to hear them live and we felt the magic! Still very happy!

2. The feeling after I use face masks. I know this is so mababaw but I really like that feeling! My skin feels really soft and hydrated. It makes me happy. What's not good about that? Haha!

3. Watching Korean dramas. You already know why! Most people are now hooked with kdramas. I only watched only two kdramas recently - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and My Secret Romance (Still on going). 

4. High school friends reunion last week. I am really happy when I got to see my high school friends again. A day wasn't enough for all our stories and chicas. We're not complete though! Hope to see them again soon and I hope we would be complete by that time.

5. Bullet journal planning. I really like updating my bullet journal and especially planning with it. I think it's my stress reliever? It makes me happy doodling and writing on it. Hihi!

6. Watching the sunset with my boyfriend. We went to Tagaytay Crosswinds one afternoon for a walk. The sunset that time was really beautiful. I've posted 3 photos of the sunset on my Instagram account. Being with him makes me happy already though. ❤

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7. BreadTalk's steamed buns. This is my current obsession. They are so yummy and so fluffy! Just perfect for my taste.It easily brightens up my day if I eat this. Haha!

8. Doing flat lays. I know I did the flat lays last month pa, but I will also include it here since this is my first post for this blog series. Haha! Palusot.com. I posted six flat lays on my Instagram and I am pretty happy with the positive feedback and the engagements. Too bad, I can't keep it up.

9. Watching Janina Vela's vlogs. Janina Vela one of my favorite YouTuber and I've been following her for a year now (I think, or more?). She has reached far enough and she's still humble. I like her recent vlogs, the one from Malaysia (Influence Asia) and the ones from Coachella. Ikaw na talaga, Janina! Haha. :* 

10. My blogger friends' message/tweet when I confessed some of the struggles that I've been through on Twitter. I posted it after I watched 13 Reasons Why. It made me realize all of my struggles and pain. That I am indeed strong, So to my blogger friends', if you are reading this, thank you for your messages. I appreciate it a lot. I just don't reply much because I am not good in speaking/replying. That's why I just reply emoji's. Haha. Sorry for that. I am thankful I met some of you online. I also hope to see you and to get to know you personally. 

That's it for my happy list. I promised myself that I won't buy any makeup products so I can save money for travel, etc. I haven't bought anything (except for skin care) for the past months. I know it's one of my happiness but I have to save money. That's what I thought. But in the end, my savings is still the same and I spent all my money on food.

I think I will buy makeup products again next month so I can blog and do product reviews again. I miss doing that. I also saw some products from Catrice and Essence. I will try those brand first. :)


  1. so cool that you get to hear coldplay live!

    1. I haven't seen them or even the concert but still thankful that I heard them. Hahaha! It was amazing. Chris Martin singing live sounded just the same as recorded. He is definitely a great singer.

  2. This list makes me super happy! Sunsets are the best and they're definitely one of my favorite things to watch. Hope you have a happy week ahead of you :)

    1. Thank you for reading this entry! You have a nice blog, btw! :)


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