Life Lately Vol. 2: Birth Month

Hi, guys! If you've noticed, I already posted 5 articles for this month and we're just in the mid of June. Haha. I got a little productive last week. You know there are times that I am lazy af. A perfect example is last month where I have only one blog post. Haha! I hope I can be productive always.

By the way, the photo above was taken from Europe. I went there last month..... Just kidding! I took that photo at Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. It was taken few days before the Resorts World Manila incident. We dined there before my Scottish godfather went back to Scotland. We had our merienda at Cafe Creole.

Just like on my first life lately, I want to share the Korean dramas I have watched from March up to this month. Watching a lot of Korean dramas makes me want to have bangs!
  • Love in the Moonlight - Park Bo Gum! ♥
  • Introverted Boss
  • Innocent Man
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • My Secret Romance - I will miss this kdrama!
  • Shopping King Louie
  • Hwarang 
  • Blood
  • Oh My Ghost
  • Something About 1 Percent
  • Suspicious Partner (On-going)
  • Remember 
  • Voice 
  • Fight For My Way (On-going) - Current obsession!  
  • It's Okay, That's Love

To be honest, nothing much happened to me lately. My life is boring. I know. Haha! I made this post before May ended but I didn't get to post this for some reasons, so I edit it a bit. Even though nothing much happened, there are a lot of things that I learned as time passes by. I learned to love myself even more. I still feel lost sometimes, but I know I'll get through this. God has his plans for me.

I bought a new theme last month and I kinda changed the colors. I bleed pink. Haha! I am currently loving it. For the past months, my monthly blog statistics went up twice or even thrice than the usual. I know it is a good thing. It keeps me motivated and I am thankful for every one of you who patiently read my posts. Thank you so much! To more flat lays and beauty stuff! ♥
By the way, I discovered these games online. It became my stress reliever. Well, aside from Candy Crush. Lol. It is an online puzzle and an online sudoku for everyone. For the online puzzle, there are a lot of photos to choose from and you can choose if you want an easy or difficult one. I remember my childhood days, back when I really like solving puzzles. But since we are on the techy generation (or era?), online puzzles are now available too. The online sudoku reminds me of my old cell phone. I have a sudoku game there and I always play that whenever I get bored. It took me awhile to learn sudoku, tbh. Haha! If you want to try them out, here are the links: |

What do you want to see next on my blog post? Makeup? Beauty stuffs? How about relationship advice or anything about a relationship? Any blog post ideas/suggestion? Please let me know. :)

'Til my next life lately,


  1. Oh my God! That's a lot of KDramas! Hahaha! I like this new theme of yours, Elaine. So girly girl!!

    1. I don't know why I got addicted to kdramas. Yung tipo na one day, one kdrama. Haha! I'll start early in the morning tapos puyat pa kasi pinipilit ko tapusin espcially kung gustong gusto ko. Haha! Thank you, Jamie! :)

  2. Hahaha! So envy of you because you got to post like that much just for this month and here I am, having hard time on making posts! Anyway, that's quite a lot of Kdramas huh! I think I should post my monthly update too! ^^

    Have a great day lovely and hope you could visit my blog and drop some love! *


    Elisha |

    1. Last month isa nga lang post ko, tapos biglang boom. Anong nangyari? Haha! Thank you for visiting my blog. Will visit yours soon! :* ♥

  3. I love your theme, very pinky and clean. :)


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