Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Yoj StrEAT (Closed)

Olivarez Plaza, Tagaytay City, Cavite

I love the theme of this restaurant. I've seen some restaurants like this in Manila and I was thinking that it would be nice if we have a place like this in Tagaytay as well. I am so happy that Yoj StrEAT made it happen. We now have a crib inspired restaurant here in Tagaytay!

Yoj StrEAT was named after the owners who happened to have Joy in their names. This crib inspired restaurant was opened last March 18, 2017. It is located near UNO at Olivarez Plaza, Tagaytay City. It was Fhei's second time here and she is the one who recommended this to me. It was not crowded when we got there. This place is very instagrammable.

They made it crib inspired so that they can maximize the space and for attraction. The place was just small and to maximize the space was really a good choice. Each crib can accommodate two to four persons. I like that each crib has different colors. They have a total of 12 cribs.

How to get there? From Manila/Batangas, ride the bus going to Tagaytay. Tell the driver to drop you at the bus stop near Mcdonald's Tagaytay near the rotunda. From there, you can just walk there going to Yoj.

For the food, they offer various snacks. All are affordable. They have pasta, sandwiches, burgers, fries, and nachos. For the beverages, they have frappe and lemonades. Their lemonades are so unique! It is on a bulb like glass and it glows. Cool! 

Bacon and Cheese Burger
Fhei ordered this Bacon and Cheese Burger. This costs 130.00 pesos. The fries on the side was tasty. I was impressed because some plain fries don't taste anything unless you put ketchup or salt on it. I got to taste the burger because she can't finish it. Lol. The burger tasted good but the patty was crunchy on the side. It was hard for Fhei since she has braces.  

Yoj Tuna Carbonara
Since I am a pasta lover, I ordered Yoj Tuna Carbonara. They said it is their best seller on the pasta. For just 110.00 pesos, it was really good. It has a good amount of tuna on the sauce and the pasta was cooked just perfectly. It is all good for me.

Choco Rose Frappe & Strawberry Shortcake Frappe
Fhei ordered Choco Rose while I ordered Strawberry Shortcake. We both have different personalities and preferences. I can say it both reflected on our orders. Hahaha! I didn't get to try her food because I got a huge frappe that I ordered. I didn't expect it to be this grand. Her Choco Rose costs 100.00 pesos while my Strawberry Shortcake costs 130.00 pesos. Still affordable!

The sweetness of the Strawberry Shortcake is just fine. Not too sweet. Just perfectly fine for me. It has lots of pretzels around it.

Choco Rose Frappe & Strawberry Shortcake Frappe
Value for money ★★★★★
Place ★★★★★
Food presentation ★★★★★
Taste ★★★★
Cleanliness ★★★★
Service ★★★★
Overall Rating: 4.5 ★★★★✫

We all know that most restaurants here in Tagaytay are a bit expensive. So if you're a student or just on a budget, I highly recommend this restaurant. The food and service are all good. I will definitely go back here. To know more about this restaurant, visit their Facebook page. They have their menu there. You can also contact them at 0908-775-7215. 
Olivarez Plaza, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Sunday to Saturday (Everyday)
11:00AM to 9:00PM


  1. I've been seeing so many fast food here in Manila that has a theme like this, but I haven't tried any of them yet. Hahaha, maybe because I'm not a fan of those kinds of drinks. Parang ang hassle inumin, but when it comes to interior design, it's an eye-candy and ang comfortable din na naka-indian sit lang kayo while eating. Quota na Tagaytay ha, too many good places to eat na. Hahaha. :-)

  2. Ang ganda! Perfect rin sa mga bata. Hindi ba masyadong crowded? :)

    1. Nung pumunta po kami, hindi gaano. Sunday po nung pumunta kami. :)


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