Suman, also known as the rice cake, is one of the native delicacies here in the Philippines. It is made of malagkit (glutinous rice) and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves or coconut leaves. There are varieties of suman in every region or town. On the other hand, latik is made from coconut milk simmered in a saucepan and is used as topping to suman and other kakanin.

Our family likes native delicacies. They would always buy from the market so I grew up liking every Tagalog delicacies especially kutsinta, suman, puto, and sapin-sapin. I was really excited when Senyor Juan invited me to try their products. I went to their Dasmarinas branch with Joseph. It was just across Asia Medic Hospital.

Senyor Juan's suman latik is not your typical suman. They have the original suman latik, yes, but they also offer espesyal suman latik. Their Espesyal Suman Latik is topped with either leche flan, mango and ube macapuno. They also have Fried Cheese and Fried Chocolate Suman Latik. Very creative, isn't it? Aside from that, they are all affordable.

Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik is my favorite among all. I really love leche flan. I didn't expect that leche flan and suman latik would go perfectly together and it's just 69 pesos. I also like the Fried Cheese Suman Latik. Another good combination for me. I took some products home for my family to try and they liked it very much.

Thank you so much, Senyor Juan Suman Latik for letting me try your products! I would definitely order again and I highly recommend that you try Senyor Juan. You may check out their Instagram and Facebook page for promos.

Metro Manila - SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, Market Market, Robinsons Metro East
Southern Tagalog - Starmall Alabang, SM Center Las Pinas, SM Sta Rosa, Pavilion Mall Binan, Central Mall, Salitran Dasmarinas, SM Southmall, Waltermart Carmona, SM City Batangas, Dasmariñas Branch, SM Lipa, Imus Branch, Nuvali Branch
Northern Tagalog -  Porta Vaga Mall, Baguio, Center Mall, Baguio

Soon: SM Calamba, Manila branch, Molino Branch, Bacoor Branch, Parañaque Branch, Sta. Rosa Branch, Shaw Branch, San Lazaro Branch, Rosario Branch

Finally! After three months, here is my second 10 Happy Things post! I am still not consistent with my blog series! Haha. I'm now in the mood to write again after I got really emotional with my last post. Here are the things that made me happy for the past months.

It has been 3 years but I still feel like it was just yesterday when my Mom passed away. I feel really sad when I talk about her death but I am very proud to have her as my Mom. This will be a long post. This will be all about her and my life after she passed away.

It's been awhile since I last posted something about makeup looks. I used to post them on my previous blog and I think it's time to revive it. So, I have decided to make a segment on this blog where I compile and share my makeup looks. Today, I came up with this Sweet & Simple makeup look.

I watched Youtube videos again since I haven't done my makeup for months already. My hands were shaking as I do my eyeliner. It took me 15 minutes to do it and it's not even winged! I haven't done contouring for a long time as well. The funny thing is I had a hard time placing and blending it. Contouring was my thing because I was desperate to slim down my face. Haha! I feel like a newbie again! I guess I need to practice and watch more videos again.

I tried to make a look inspired by Pony Makeup but obviously, it didn't turn out that way. Hahaha! I used neutral colors on my eyeshadow. Sadly, it didn't pop out that well on my eyes because of my skin tone. Since my eyeshadow is just simple, I used a lipstick that can make this look really pop. Most products that I use are from drugstore brands. I recently bought two makeup products this week. It's my first time to use the Fashion21 Contour Kit and the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. I might do a review on these products soon. It is my first time to use a highlighter and I need to practice that too. Haha!

The photos were taken by my Oppo F1s with the help of my DIY ring light. Please don't mind my hair. I know it's really messy and dry. My contact lenses made this look really nice. I'm not a pro at makeup. I am still learning. It is just my hobby to experiment with it. But I love how this look turned out. ♡

So what to do you think of this makeup look?

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I can't believe I am already 23 years old! I know this post is a bit late and this might be a bit cliche to some of you for some reasons but I still want to share the things that I've learned from the past 22 years. My birthday this year is not the best one because things happened but I am forever thankful for all the blessings I've received in my life.

  1. Not everyone is your friend. I always thought that being friendly is a nice thing to do until I reached college. Yes, it can be nice but there is also a down side to it. There are people who you think are your friends but the truth is they will pull you down and spread rumors about you. Yes, even your close friends can do that. Just be careful in choosing your friends and keep your circle small.
  2. You don't need to rush love/marriage. When I was in college, I used to tell myself that I want to get married by 23 or 24. But right now, I think I'm not ready yet. You may have friends or relatives who are already married at an early age but don't pressure yourself.
  3. Being an adult is not easy. When my Mom passed away, I started to pay my bills on my own so it is not a big deal when I graduated college. It took me awhile to learn how to budget my money and how to control myself from buying unnecessary things.
  4. Saving money is important. I know some people might find it hard to save money but for me, it is a must especially when you're getting older. In my case, I really have to save money for myself and for emergency purposes.
  5. Get a job that you like and a job that you are passionate about. I've tried different jobs from the past years and there are so many things that I've learned from them. First, it is hard to stay on a job that you don't like what you're doing or when you're not comfortable in working with your colleagues for some reasons.
  6. Be the person you want to be, not what others want you to be. In this generation, there are instances that our parents dictate us on our future like who they want you to be or what to take up in college. Try to explain your side and take the course that you really want.
  7. Don't hate. I know we are all free to give our opinion or thoughts but if you know you can hurt someone's feeling, just please shut up and let it pass. My Mom raised me well.
  8. Be mature in handling situations. Always handle the situation with class.
  9. Take a lot of photos but know when to stop and cherish the moment. If you get what I mean.
  10. You don't need to post everything on social media. Being a millennial, I admit I used to post everything on social media especially when I was in high school. I only changed after I graduated college. The more I share my life on social media, the more criticisms I get. It seems like everything I do is a big deal to some of my relatives and other people. Lol.
  11. It's okay to block toxic people on social media. I used to say that I won't block other people and just let them see how good my life is. But I came to the point where I had to block them because they are so toxic and it's already unhealthy.
  12. Travel as much as you can and make memories. I know I haven't done this but maybe soon. I really regret not traveling at an early age. I'm already 23 and I haven't been on a plane. I will get there. Soon.
  13. Love yourself. When you love everything about yourself, your flaws and imperfections won't matter anymore even if people use it against you.
  14. Don't let other people bring you down and stop you from doing what you love. Accept criticisms but use them so you can be a better person. Don't overthink it. You know yourself more than anybody else. Focus on the people who support you and believes in you. Focus on your dreams.
  15. Getting a job is hard. If you think college is the hardest, wait 'til you graduate. First, finding a job is hard especially here in the Philippines. In applying for a job, there are a lot of requirements and it takes too much time before you actually start working. If you resign from a job, you have to render 30 days before you get cleared and you have to go in the process of finding a new one again. The struggle is real!
  16. Sometimes, it's okay to just stay at home than to go out. I know this is very "Tita" but I admit there at some days that I just want to stay at home and do nothing or just watch kdrama all day. I noticed that when I was on my first job. There are times that my friends would ask me out and I'll just tell them that I have something else to do. Haha! Sorry, friends! #Buking
  17. Skin care routine is more important than makeup. No joke! Skin care routine is really life changing especially Korean skin care products. I love to try skin care products nowadays than makeup. If your skin is already good, you don't have to put too much makeup na.
  18. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. When I was young, I used to depend on my Mom so much. I never thought that she'd pass away too soon. I was not prepared. I did not know how to start living on my own. But as time passes by, I learned not to depend on anyone anymore and death is inevitable.
  19. Keep the faith no matter what. I've been through a lot from the past years. I just lift everything to Him and I know he will guide and protect me. Just keep the faith and trust in Him.
I didn't expect this list to be this long. I swear! Haha! I learned this thing with my own experiences. I've been through a lot especially when my Mom passed away. I can say that it made me mature and stronger. I became aware of the things that surround me and the reality.

Do you agree on my list?
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