Althea Double Trouble Box Review + Unboxing

Most girls are afraid of acne and blemishes. Who does like that? No one! As a girl, I did struggle to get my skin acne-free using various products. I have combination + sensitive and acne-prone skin. As I try different beauty products, I've learned that skin care is very important. Acne doesn't disappear overnight and they might as well leave scars. The best way to treat them is to have a skin care routine and to commit to it. Search for the products that will work on you and use them religiously.

I am so excited to share my review of this Althea Korea beauty box that I received last week from Althea Korea. If you are not aware, Althea Korea is the leading Kbeauty site with over 150 Korean beauty brands. Althea Boxes are their limited edition beauty boxes curated by the fairy team in Seoul. Each Althea Box includes 6-12 full-size products depending on the theme and value. Buy the box if you like it. No subscription needed. The best thing about it? The prices for the box is way cheaper than the amount of the products in total. Definitely a good deal!

I would like to thank Althea Korea for sending this box of happiness to me! 

1. DA MIOR Cleansing Soap (Bamboo)
2. LANEIGE Fresh Calming Toner
3. SKINFOOD Touble Clear Spot Patch
4. ONSAEMEEIN Skin Solution Magic Powder
5. BEUINS Soothing Sleeping Mask
6. LADYKIN Fresh Watermelon Icing Gel Bar
7. ROYAL SKIN Prime Edition Mask Moisture

I got the Double Trouble Box which includes 7 full-size products curated for blemish, troubled skin or acne-prone skin. This box only costs 6,380 pesos in total but you can get this at Althea for only 1,280 pesos. That's 79% off! Sadly, this box is already sold out by now. You can still purchase the products individually at Althea Korea or better watch out for their next Althea Box so you can get it first before it is sold out

Note: All of the products are for troubled or irritated skin.

Cleansing Soap (Bamboo Leaf)

Product description: Natural handmade soap that contains Bamboo extract that has cooling properties and natural ingredients which are fermented for 45 days.

Price: 1,040 pesos (original). 670 pesos (Althea)

Review: I was kinda shocked at the price of this soap. Although I can already sense it because of the packaging. Nevertheless, the packing is very classy and the soap really smells good. I already smelled it as I open the Althea box for the first time. It comes with a box and it was wrapped in a thick paper. In terms of use, this soap does cleanse my skin really well and it makes the redness of my face tone down. It makes my skin softer without drying my skin!

Fresh Calming Toner

Product description: Toner that balances the oil and water content of skin, as well as refreshes, hydrates, and soothes skin. It has natural lychee component that soothes skin and sea water to strengthen the skin barrier.

How to use (As seen on the product): You can dispense right amount onto a cotton ball and gently wipe from the center to the sides according to the skin texture for it to be absorbed.

Size: 250 ml

Price: 1,728 pesos (original). 1,270 pesos (at Althea)

Review: This is my first time ever to try a product from Laneige. Haha! Laneige is one of the most hyped Korean brands and I've read so many good reviews about them. For the product, I am not surprised with the price since I know most Laneige products are kinda pricey. I am using cheap toners and I can already say the difference between them.  I've tried other toners before and it made my skin breakout a lot even on the first or second use. My skin is really sensitive but with this product, I did not experience any breakout so it is a good thing. This toner is so much gentle on the skin. It also cleanses the skin well.

Trouble Clear Spot Patch

Product description: A hydrocolloid bandage that protects and keeps wounds hydrated.

How to use: After cleaning and drying a wound, remove the protective film and apply the patch. Replace until the patch turns white.

Review: I can't compare this to any brands since this is my first time to use a hydrocolloid bandage. When I used it on my pimple, the patch blended on my skin well and I didn't expect that. It kinda looks like fish scales when used to the skin. But to be honest, I prefer the skin powder than this patch. I noticed the effect of the skin solution magic powder in just a few use. While with this patch, I feel like you need to use it more often to see the results. It did lessen the redness though.

Skin Solution Magic Powder

Product description: For serious spot treatment

How to use: Apply few drops to troubled spots before sleeping. Wait for the powder to settle before using it. Refer to the photo above.

Size: 30ml

Price: 1,600 pesos (original). 380 pesos (Althea)

Review: This skin powder is on a small glass container which is not good to bring when traveling. I find the application easy because you just have to use a cotton bud to dip it inside the bottle. The bottle might be small. You'll only have to put it on troubled spots so that 30ml is already for many uses. The product is effective. Well, at least for me. It makes my troubled spots not irritated and dry the next day. That's like magic!

Soothing Sleeping Mask

Product description: This soothing sleeping mask pack soothes and softens sensitive skin healthy with Dragon blood extract.

How to use: For evening skin care, apply appropriate amount on entire face. Leave it on skin overnight and gently wash off the following morning.

Review: Please do not mind my hairy skin. Haha! As you can see, this product has white and watery texture. It is easy to spread on the skin. I use one pack for two to three times. From all of the products, this is my favorite. It makes my skin soft and moisturized the next morning. I also noticed that it makes my skin less irritated and less red.

Fresh Watermelon Icing Gel Bar

Product description: Revives fatigued skin and keeps your skin smooth and radiant. Enriched with 90% watermelon extract.

Review: Again, please don't mind my hairy skin. I was born with it. Haha! As you can see, it is transparent but the consistency of this watermelon gel is more watery compared to the aloe vera gel. I also like the smell of this gel. The tube is also cute. I find it more sanitary than the common aloe vera on a tub. 

Prime Edition Mask Moisture

Product description: Keeps skin moisturized long to increase a skin moisture level.

How to use: After cleansing and toning, attach it to the skin thoroughly and let it rest for 10-20 minutes. Tap the remaining essence to make it absorb the skin

Review: I really love using face masks. I use them twice or thrice a week. This face mask has net/mesh like texture. With this product, it is more on a first impression because only one mask is included. If you can notice on the photo, it made my skin refreshed and moisturized compared to my photo above. It also made the redness on my skin subside and the irritation lessened.

Disclaimer: This Althea Box was sent to me to review but all of my thoughts and opinion on these products are all my own and are based on my personal experience and preference.


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