My Blogging Story + Why Do I Blog?

Hello! It's been a while! How are you doing today? I hope you all are doing fine! As you've seen on the title, I am finally sharing my blogging story today. This post is on my list since last month but I haven't done it for some reasons but I guess, this is the right time to share this.

My Blogging Story

Tumblr + Ftalk

Way back October 30, 2009, I started my Tumblr. I was not aware that Tumblr is a blogging site back then. I was just 15 years old that time! I was young and naive. Haha! I learned it through my friends from Ftalk (formerly known as FriendsterTalk). It was an online forum. I met awesome people there and I even met some of them in real life. I am still friends with some of them even now. I learned so many things on that forum, from blogging, codes, writing stories, tweaking my Friendster account and making it fab af and so much more. Haha!

I mostly reblog random stuff and share my everyday updates on my Tumblr. And when I say I reblog random stuff, I reblog almost everything that I can relate to. I bet most people on Tumblr does that especially back to the good old days. Tell me I'm not the only one! Haha. As far as I can remember, I changed my username there for a couple of times before I settled with Stars Fall Down. There was no meaning behind that name. I wanted something new and kinda different. It just popped in my head. I got inactive when I was in college. It was in December 2013 when I totally stopped using Tumblr. I have so much memories in Stars Fall Down. This is where I started.


It was December 28, 2012, when I decided to use Wordpress free. At first, I just want to try it. It was user-friendly that's why I chose it over Blogger. I became inactive because of my studies but I started writing again on May 19, 2013. That was same year when my Mom was operated and got sick. It became my online journal. I pour my heart out every time I post. Those were my dark days. I became inactive again when my Mom passed away and when I took the licensure examination. To be honest, I had an on and off relationship with this blog. Haha! It was in October 2014 when I became serious about blogging. I changed the username to xxqueen. I started to post food and restaurant reviews. To be honest, I got really frustrated when I failed my licensure exam and I just had to write again. It was xxqueen for a reason. The Roman numeral of 20 is xx. I was 20 years old when I changed my username. I added queen together with xx.

Blogger + Wild and Sassy

It was earlier this year when I finally settled with Blogger. I transferred last January 2017 because I want to customize my theme. I can't do that with Wordpress free and I don't want to spend money on hosting. So far, I am loving this blog and I can really say that I've improved so much already. This blog became a lifestyle and personal blog. I like to post stuff about beauty and food. This blog has now sponsored posts as well and there were times that I was invited for events. I am so happy for my blog. Disclaimer: Even there are sponsored posts on this blog, I still say my honest opinion about the products.

I bought my domain last November 2016 so I could really step up my 'blogging game'. I was still on Wordpress when I bought it and it was on sale. I want my domain different because I want it to be relatable to me. I searched for some adjectives that somehow describe me. I thought that wild and sassy is good together so I came up with that as my domain. 

Why Do I Blog?

If you've reached this part, you'll probably know that I started blogging with no intention of earning money. I really just want to write and share my thoughts. With or without money, I'd still write because this is what I love doing. The contents of my blog are all written from the bottom of my heart especially my old blogs. They are all personal posts. Second, I am blogging not for fame. I can still remember my cousin. She told me I was just "pa-famous" and stuff like that. Maybe it is because she really doesn't know my blogging story and she doesn't understand me/us bloggers. There are people who won't stop criticizing me. Bash me if you want, but the hell I care. Those criticisms made me improve myself. I know most bloggers out there have the same reason as me on why do they blog. Comment down below if you agree on me, blogger friends. Haha!

Yes, I am currently earning money through this blog. It is just a bonus. There are times that I earn money and there are times that I don't get any. If you know me personally, you'll know that I am currently unemployed and earning money with this blog really helps me. Blogging is not that easy to be honest. You have to be the photographer, writer, editor, graphic artist, creative director, etc. You need lots of effort and patience. For me, if you're not that passionate about it, you won't last that long. 

So that's it for my blogging story and the reason on why do I blog. If you are a blogger like me, I want you to answer the same question "why do you blog?" If you have questions or suggestions. Comment down below! ;)

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