Althea Beauty Lifeguard Box Review

Long-lasting makeup is a must for girls especially if you're a working girl. We need that sweat-proof and waterproof makeup that will last the whole day. So for today's blog post, I will be reviewing makeup products for you, loves! Althea Korea sent me another beauty box last month and I am finally sharing my honest thoughts about it.

Althea Korea is the leading K-Beauty site with over 150 Korean beauty brands. Althea Boxes are limited edition beauty boxes that include 6-12 full-size products depending on the theme and value. The prices for the box is way cheaper than the amount of the products in total. I got two beauty boxes last month and I already posted the first box, the Althea Double Trouble Box. Again, I would like to thank Althea Korea for sending me this box for a review! I will forever be thankful to you! ;)

1. Tony Moly BDCATION OiOi
2. VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes
3. Milky Dress Barbie Make Mascara
4. Wangskin Lip Tattoo Tint Pack
5. Holika Holika Face Conditioner Long-Lasting Makeup Fixer

I got the Althea Beauty Lifeguard Box and it includes 5 full-size products. This box costs 5,050 pesos in total but you can get this at Althea Korea for only 1,100 pesos. That's 78% off! Most Althea boxes are always sold out but good news! As of now (September 8,2017), this Althea box is still in stock! So let's start with my review!

BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion
23 Warm Beige

Product description ( Infused with Chamomile, Mint, and Spearmint Extract, our long-lasting, waterproof cushion feels soothing and applies closely to the skin, spreading easily to go on thin while also giving full coverage. Never sticky or cakey, our cushion formula dries down to a natural matte finish, absorbing excess oil and keeping you feeling powdery fresh even during the long summer nights!

Product claims ( Fortified with SPF50+ PA++++, our waterproof cushion formula keeps skin safe from harmful UV rays and helps maintain a flawless matte complexion that won’t melt in the heat or wear off in water! Our cushion is formulated to go on thin and still provide intense coverage so a little goes a long way and skin can still breathe and look naturally flawless.

Shades available: 01 Skin Beige & 02 Warm Beige

Price: $26.00 or 1,326 pesos (13g)

First, as you can see, it is definitely not my shade but I am pretty impressed with the coverage. I did a little research on this product and I found out that it only has two shades. 02 Warm Beige is still light for me. It looks dark on the cushion though! We all know that most Korean cushion and foundation are really light for Filipina skin. A little product goes a long way and it gives medium to full coverage. Amazing! It covered my pimple scars and the redness on my face. For the staying power, yes it did last the whole day on me. It doesn't feel sticky on the face. However, there are some things that I don't like this product. I tried to set it with powder and concealer. They didn't go together very well. It tends to get cakey so I think it is better if you use this cushion alone. This product was hard to remove, actually. 

Barbie Make Mascara

Product description: Long lash + volume + curl in one mascara. Long lasting

Original Price: S$ 19.00 or 717.09 pesos (6ml)

SG Althea price: S$12.00 or 452.90 pesos (6ml)

I have a love and hate relationship with this mascara, to be honest. Haha! I love the rose gold metallic packaging of this mascara. It is very sleek. The wand was a bit curled. For the performance, I am not that impressed. The photo above shows only one layer of the mascara. It lifted my lashes well and it gave my lashes a bit of volume and length. However, it got clumpy after two to three layers. My lashes looked like spider lashes and I didn't like it. It goes the same with the lower lashes. The lashes were hard to separate. This product claims to be waterproof, but I think it is not. I also used this on my friend's wedding day and it ruined my makeup. Since it got clumpy, my eyes were a bit irritated and it got a bit teary. To my surprise, it went all over my eyes and I looked like I have black eyes. I have high hopes for this product but it just did disappoint me. I don't know if I used it the wrong way. I used it for a lot of times already and all of the outcomes were the same. I suggest to use it for one coat only. For my honest thought on this product and based on my own experience upon using it, I won't recommend it.

Eye Primer

Product description (as seen on the product):
This eyeshadow primer creates the optimal lid surface for eye color application. Added with pearl powders, it keeps eyelids soft and supple while keeping the eyeshadow colors vibrant and fresh all day without creasing.

I love the long lasting power of this primer! However, this primer is not transparent. I suggest that you blend it well on the skin and let it dry a bit before you put your eyeshadow. If you can notice on the photo, the color of the eyeshadow changed. The right one is without the primer and the left side is the one with the primer. This primer made the eyeshadow more vibrant though. And even though the color changed, I still like it because it does makes your eyeshadow stay throughout the day. So yeah, I definitely recommend this primer!

Lip Tattoo Tint

Colors: Red, Orange, Pink

Price: 670 pesos (Original price)
250 pesos ( price)

How to use (as seen on the product):
1. Clean your lips, apply the desired amount within the lines of the lips.
2. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and peel off gently from the edge of the lips.
To make the color more vivid, make the dry time longer.

This is my first time to use a lip tattoo tint and guess what? It felt weird on the lips! Haha. Have you tried playing with glue when you were younger? I tried to put it on my palm when I was younger. Then, I would let it dry and peel it off after. Well, it feels a bit like that when I used this product. But on the lips! Haha! It is neon pink when applied. The weird things are when it is drying and when you peel it off. Haha! The finished look is very natural on the lips though! But for my honest thought, I am not a fan of this lip tattoo. You still have to wait for 15-20 minutes for it to dry. Not advisable when you're on the go. I'd rather use lip tint.

Face Conditioner
Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

Product description (as seen on the product):
The makeup fitting formula provides long-lasting makeup fixing effect by simply spraying before/after wearing makeup. Moisturizing moisture without making skin feel taut.

I like the fact that this setting spray doesn't smell bad. When you use it, it gives you enough amount of the product and it has small particles which are I believe a good thing. It says on the product description that it can be used before and after makeup. I only tried using it after doing my makeup though. It did pretty well on holding my makeup.for hours. I also used it when I went to my friend's wedding and it made my makeup last the whole day. I definitely recommend this product. I think it is worth the money :)

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Disclaimer: This Althea Box was sent to me to review but all of my thoughts and opinion on these products are all my own and are based on my personal experience and preference.


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