Life Lately Vol. 3: ILYSB

Hi! How are you guys doing? I can't believe it is already September! We only have 3 months left for 2017 and it's only my 3rd life lately for this year. So lame! Haha! Like the usual, nothing much happened to me lately. If you noticed, I am trying something new on this blog especially on this life lately series. And so far, I am liking my photos. Haha! Tell me what you think.

The first photo was my #ootd for our sixth anniversary. Haha! I know I am not a style blogger but I love this photo because I look slim here. I had to upload it. Lol! It was taken by Joseph. He's improving! Haha. My shades are from Dickies. So let's get started with the events and stuff that I want to share with you.

It was my friend's wedding last August 26, 2017. We were classmates in second-year high school and I am so happy for her. We had a mini reunion that day. Unfortunately, I got sick when I got home. I had a fever but good thing it went down before midnight. We were supposed to go to Manila the next day but I was still not feeling well so we postponed it.

My Ninang and I brought her daughter, Cindy, at Manila Ocean Park last August 28, 2017. We really had fun that day. We watched the Sea Lion Show before we toured around the Oceanarium. Ninang Ruby and I already went here 7 years ago though. Cindy was really happy but also tired af. Haha! The weather was so warm and we are not used to it. #ProbinsyanaProblems We went to SM Mall of Asia after. We had lunch at Tempura. The food was really good but the place was just fine and ordinary. It was 10 o'clock in the evening when we got home. It was long but happy day for us. 

Pardon my hair (referring to the photo). It was still messy af. Haha! I got it rebonded (color rebond) before August ended. My hair is fine af now and I love it. Haha! 

We celebrated our sixth anniversary last September 1, 2016. Wonder why my title is ILYSB? Haha! I can't believe that it is already our sixth year together. Time flies really fast! Joseph just finished his night duty that day and he told me he had no plans for us. I got sad. He wanted to go home and sleep first. I agreed but little did I know that he was already on his way to our house. By 7 o'clock in the morning, he was already outside. Haha! I was surprised when he gave me a bouquet of roses. They were so beautiful! I was still in my pajamas when he gave it to me. Haha! I hurriedly took a shower and dressed up.

We went to Alabang Town Center and had lunch at Shi Lin. We had a great time there. The food was really good and affordable. We ordered xiao long bao, noodles, steamed bum, rice, and chicken for only 700+ pesos. What a deal! I would definitely go back there. 

I finally tried this fish and cheese sausage. I got it for 25.00 pesos at a Korean store in Dasmariñas. I call it "Kim Bok Joo" sausage! Haha! I also saw this cheesecake so I also bought it. No regrets! This cheesecake is the bomb! I love it! For the sausage, I can't really tell. It is fine with me but Joseph didn't like it. I even told him, "Maybe I was a Korean in my past life that is why the taste is fine with me?" LOL! #KinainNaNgKdrama

Speaking of kdrama, I haven't watched a lot lately. I only finished watching Fight For My Way and School 2017. I know, this is not so me! I update my life lately with lots of kdramas. What happened? Hahaha! I also tried watching Bride of the Water God and The Best Hit. I will try to continue watching them if I have time. Do you have any good kdrama recommendation? :)

I've been busy with my blog and work lately. I received few collaborations from the past months and I am so happy for my blog. I started from 0 and now we are here. Little steps! Looking forward to more opportunities! I got a job as a freelance writer this month. One of the reasons why I have less time for kdrama but no regrets. Watch out for more beauty related blog posts soon! I will also redeem myself and watch more kdrama in the next months. Haha! :)

That's it for my current life lately! This is a bit short. Tbh, I already made a draft of this last night but I accidentally deleted it this morning. I was pissed af! I don't know what to say anymomre. Haha! If you are using blogger or gmail, please do follow this blog. I have the widget on the sidebar. Also, follow me on Instagram @lainedogelio#ShamelessPlugging LOL. So, what do you think of my photos? Haha! Do you like it or nahh? Please let me know. Thank you so much!


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