Matrix Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tint Review

Matrix Cosmetics
Lip and Cheek Tint Review

Without any lip product, my lips is really pale af and I look sick that is why I always bring a tint or two with me whenever I go out. I also like wearing lip tints because it gives color to my lips but still look natural.

Matrix Cosmetics is a new local brand based in Batangas City, Philippines. They sent me two shades of their lip tints to try. Thank you so much for sending these, Matrix Cosmetics! ;) So today, I will be sharing my honest review, so let's get started.

This lip tints are natural/organic and water-based. I got mine in the shade Luscious Plum and Hazel Brown. As I've seen on their Instagram page, it has no bitter taste and does not produce foul smell after several use. It is also not too pigmented and not too light and is easy to blend. It retails for 140 pesos per tube of 10ml.



For the packaging, it comes on a roll-on tube plastic glass. Since the bottle is made up of plastic glass, it is heavier than the usual lip tints. The ingredients, distributor and product claims are written on the bottle. However, the address and other details of the distributor is not included. 


True to its claims, these lip tints don't have biter taste at all. Both shades smells really good and has a strong scent. Hazel Brown smells sweet while Luscious Plum is on the fruity (but still sweet) smell. After a wear test, I noticed that Luscious Plum last longer than Hazel Brown. When it comes to lip products, vibrant shades last longer than the nude ones. Luscious Plum is really vibrant but my camera doesn't give justice. Haha! When applying this product, I had to go with three layers to get the pigmentation that I like. It looks really natural on the lip though! P.S. I don't use lip and cheek tints as blush. Would I recommend this product? Of course! I support local products and I really like their shades selection. :)

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. However, all of my thoughts and opinion on these products are all my own and are based on my personal experience and preference.

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