Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint Review

Ever since I started working at home, I became more enthusiastic about skincare products and makeup for natural looks. I just like to wear lip tint and powder whenever I go out on an ordinary day. My blogger friend, Patricia of patriciadenise.com, invited me to join a Facebook group for Korean makeup and skincare enthusiasts. It is the SaeliYuirMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care

They have Nanay Angels from different locations here in the Philippines to help you get their products. They have on hand products. However, whenever there is a massive sale, you really have to be patient because it takes time for the products to be shipped here in the Philippines. I waited for a month for this babies, but it is so worth it!! I bought it from Ms. Chefron Bernardo, but she is not a nanay angel anymore. 

They had a sale last October and I got to purchase these babies. It is the Pony Effect Deep and Pure Tints. I bought this for 330 pesos for two tints. What a steal, isn't it? The original price is 380 pesos each tint on the group. The original price at Korea is probably at 700 pesos each. But mind you, this is authentic. I recommend you to join the group to see it yourself.

For the packaging, it is in a plastic tube. It is sleek, very handy and lightweight. I love the packaging especially the gold details. The product details are all written on the box, not on the tint itself. It contains 8.5 grams.

It comes with a doe foot applicator which as well all know is very common. There is also a strong scent. To me, it smells like the medicine for kids. Haha! It doesn't smell when it is on the lips though. 

The shade is written at the top of the box. It is not written on the tube but the color of the lightning logo corresponds to the shade. That is the only thing that I don't like about this product.

When I purchased this tints, I didn't get to choose which shade to get because it will be randomly chosen by them (on sale). I got the shade Graceful (top) and Joyful (bottom). Graceful is a red shade with blue undertone while Joyful is on a raspberry shade. Both shades that I got are really different from each other.

Here is a photo of all the swatches. For your future reference ;)


I always bring this with me wherever I go, together with the Karadium Pucca and Peripera lip tints. It looks very natural on the lips. However, it is not that long lasting compared to the Karadium Pucca lip tint. It can stay for 3 to 4 hours on the lips. It has a matte finish and it is not transfer-proof. A little goes a long way. Despite the smell and not being transfer-proof, I still love this product. I definitely recommend this product to you.

To avail this product, join SaeliYuirMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care.

Me wearing Joyful. I only put a little amount and I dabbed it on my lips
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