Ra & Gowoori Official Launching Day at TriNoma

I attended the official launch of Ra & Gowoori last March 14, 2018, at Trinoma. This is the first ever event I attended at north. It is more than three hours away from my home. Haha! Anyway, Ra & Gowoori is a new brand. Mrs. Melissa Lee, a fellow Filipina, is the woman behind this brand together with his husband, Mr. Lee Sang In and the company president, Mr. Lee Eung-Kwan. Ra & Gowoori is made in Korea but is a Filipino brand by heart.

The program started at around 4:30pm but we were already there by 1 o'clock in the afternoon for some reasons. It was held at the Cinema area of the mall. I've known this brand for almost a year already. I was invited to their group. I got curious and so I tried some of their products already. As what the president said during his speech, the prices of their products are much cheaper compared to others because it was directly shipped straight from the factory in Korea to the Philippines.

Ra & Gowoori Products

The event was filled with Youtube stars and influencers. I got to meet them and took photos. I still have that fangirl side of me! Heh! The event ended at 6 o'clock in the evening. I really had fun even though I went home at already 11 o'clock in the evening.

I just want to thank Mrs. Melissa Lee and the whole team of Ra & Gowoori. And of course, congratulations!

How to avail their products? Join their Facebook group SaeliYuriMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care and you can find your nanay angel there. Please like their Facebook page as well, Ra&Gowoori Cosmetics 라앤고우리
This is it for now. I will post the product reviews soon. Sorry for being inactive for months! I promise to make it up to you and I hope I can post more before the month ends. If you have any suggestions for my next post or anything you want me to review, just comment down or message me. ;)


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