San Joaquin, Iloilo, Philippines

A Day at Garin Farm, Iloilo

My family and I went to Iloilo last May 2018. Here's a travel guide, a quick tour and the rates for Garin Farm!

For more than three hours, we traveled from Carles to Adhara Eco-Boutique in Oton. We were supposed to be in Guimaras the next day for the festival but one of the hotel staff told us that it was the last day of the festival and it won't be worth it anymore. He suggested that we can go to Garin Farm instead. So that's what we did the next day.

We went to Garin Farm on a warm Monday. This is the photo of their gate. There are souvenir shops and carindias outside. We ate at one of their carinderias because we were already hungry from the almost two-hour trip going here.

GarinFarm is a popular tourist destination in Iloilo. The photo above is the start of the pilgrimage. It is said to have 200 steps, more or less. We didn't take the stairs though. It was really warm that day and it might not be healthy for my aunt, who is a senior citizen, so we decided to take the golf cart going up and going down. We paid 150.00 pesos for that. But before you get here, you will pass the farm part.

There is a restaurant inside. We only bought ice cream since we already ate lunch. The ice cream was so good!

GarinFarm's Wonder Banana!

The first part of the pilgrimage. THE CREATION.

My favorite model!

This was the view from above
PILGRIMAGE: A Journey from Creation to Ascension

The first thing you see when you're already up. There is also a tunnel before you go to the heavenly scenario.

It took us almost two hours to get here but I can say that it is worth it. We didn't have regrets in including GarinFarm in our itinerary. It was an awesome experience!


  • The weather here is really warm, you should always use sunblock for protection.
  • Bring hats or umbrellas. For skin protection, of course.
  • Bring sunglasses. Aside from the warm weather, the heavenly scenario can really be glaring since it is all white. It is better to bring protection to the eyes as well.
  • Bring water or always drink water. Better be hydrated!
  • Enjoy the place. Enjoy the moment. 

For your reference, here are the updated prices (As of May 2018).


From our hotel, we rode the jeep going to Garin Farm. It costs 50.00 pesos per person. Travel time is almost two hours. We took the bus going back to the hotel and it only took us an hour. I included a map below.

If you're from the city, you can take the jeep/van/bus going to San Joaquin. I advise that you take the van or the bus because it will be a long ride going to Garin Farm.


I made a vlog from our Capiz and Iloilo trip. You can find it below or just click the link. Don't forget to subscribe!!

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