BLK Cosmetics: Creamy Cheek Paint + Lip & Cheek Water Tint Review

I got really curious about BLK Cosmetics' K-Beauty Collection. And I finally gave in last Tuesday! I bought one cheek paint and one water tint. I also thought of doing a review to share with you guys because this is one of the most hyped products online right now. So, are these products worth it?

BLK Cosmetics recently launched their K-Beauty Collection which consists of their BB + CC Cream Stick, Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow, Creamy Cheek Paint, three new lipstick shades and All-Day Lip & Cheek Water Tint. We all know that Anne Curtis, BLK Cosmetics' Creative Director, is a fan of Korean dramas and this line might be influenced by that. According to their website, the brand's goal is Uncomplicated Beauty: To simplify your makeup routine with no-frills, quality cosmetics."

I bought one cheek paint in Strawberry and one water tint in Cherry. I only bought two products because I just want to try it out. I bought them at SM Department Store, Mall of Asia. I wanted to buy the water tint in Orange though. Haha! I didn't buy the cream stick because I prefer medium to full coverage foundation and it might not work on my skin because I have pimple marks on my face.

in Cherry

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Product Description: Here's a stain that stays. Our watery tint delivers a fresh, vivid color that's great for achieving just-pinched cheeks or just-bitten lips - perfect for that lowkey Korean look. The intense but blendable pigment lets you go as sheer or as vivid you prefer and guarantees a natural-looking all-day flush.

Product Claims: Long-wearing, Cruelty-free, Made in Taiwan

Net Weight: 2.5g

Price: 249.00 pesos

Available Shades: Pink, Red, Cherry, Orange


I used to be a lipstick girl, but things have changed. Haha! I am now into lip tints and it is my go-to lip product as of the moment. I actually like gel tints more than water tints because it lasts longer. So let us proceed with the product...

Can we first appreciate their packaging? Especially the boxes! Yeppeuda! I also appreciate that the price is already written on the boxes. They didn't put the price code on the product itself, unlike other brands. The product is actually good. It is moisturizing on the lips and it is pigmented. The color payoff is also good when applied to the lips. It has a bendable flat doe foot applicator which helps with the ease of application. I originally wanted to buy the Red one but I find it 'too bright' so I chose Cherry instead. It has a strong bittersweet taste and for me, it is kinda bothering. I don't like bittersweet taste on my tints tbh. And since this is a water tint, it doesn't last that long.

However, for the price of 249.00 pesos and the weight of 2.15g, there are still other tints that have more product but has the same or lower price. If you get what I mean. Sorry guys! I just have to be honest. This is just my opinion though! But for everyday tint or go-to tint, keri na din.


Bittersweet taste
Value for money

in Strawberry

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Product Description: Meet our foolproof, K-style liquid blush. The light, silky texture melts on skin seamlessly, delivering a soft veil of color with a healthy, second-skin finish. Use the wide applicator to finger-paint on cheeks - it's hard to accidentally apply too much.

Product Claims: Long-wearing, Cruelty-free, Made in Taiwan

Net Weight: 5 ml

Price: 349.00 pesos

Available Shades: Strawberry, Peach


I really love this product! I like how it sets on the face. It really has that second-skin finish. Unlike the lip and cheek tints, this looks more subtle and natural on the face. It is also long wearing. It has a big applicator that mimics the size of a finger. I swatched both shades when I was about to buy it. I think the Peach one is more pigmented than Strawberry. If you want a summer and sunkissed look, I recommend that you get the Peach one. But if you like a more natural and subtle blush like me, I'd recommend Strawberry for you. Or get it both! Haha! These shades can go well with any skin tone. It will just be a matter of preference. This is worth 349.00 pesos, others might think it is a bit expensive. That's what I also thought before but after using this product, I think it is worth it.

I have one issue with this product though. I am not sure if it is the applicator or the consistency of the product or maybe both but this product tends to spatter as you open the tube and it gets messy. Sayang yung product, to be honest. It is not as creamy/thick as I thought it would be. It is a bit liquidy so you better be careful in using this product.

Second-skin finish
Long wearing
Value for money

Packaging (It tends to splatter and gets messy upon opening)

I only used the two products on my face. No foundation, etc. Please excuse my imperfections. LOL

I love the Creamy Cheek Paint! I definitely recommend it. As for the water tint, if you a lip tint collector, go buy it. But if you are looking for a tint that lasts and you don't like the bitter taste, this might not be the one for you.

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 This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products with my own money and I just want to share my thoughts.


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