Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Philippines

Discovering Islas De Gigantes + Travel Tips!

Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

I know this is long overdue. Finally, I am now going to share with you my Gigantes Islands experience and a few tips in case you wanted to go there. We went there last summer. It might be a long travel going there but it is definitely worth it!

We stayed at Carles, Iloilo for three days and two nights. We rented a small room near Bancal Port. Our friend, Ate Ivy, is originally from Carles so she helped us get a discounted room. The room was originally 1,500 per night but we got it for 1,500 for two nights (3 adults, 1 child). What a steal! It was a simple room but it has AC and CR. It was good for us already!

We arrived at the Bancal Port early. We decided to take the passenger boat instead of a private boat, thinking we could save money from it. It costs 100.00 pesos only per person/one way but you will still get another boat when you get to the island. Ninang Ruby didn't want the small boat from Bancal Port because it was too risky. Travel time from the port to the island is one hour and sometimes the waves are really big. We got the small boat when we got to the island.

Travel time from Bancal Port to the islands is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

I advise that you should really get the private boats from the port. It will really cost you less especially if you are together with your family or barkada. For two to three persons, I still advise that you bring extra money and just get the private boat. It was really a bad idea since we are a family of 8. That's already 800.00 pesos and another 800.00 going back to the port. So, 3,500 + 1,600 = 5,100.

And another reason is, there are time and schedule for the passenger boats and you can't be sure with their schedule. They said that the last trip that day was 3:00pm so we got back to the island around 2:00pm. We were shocked when they said that the last passenger boat was already there and it was already full. They wanted us to ride the speedboat which costs 300.00 per person but from the tarpaulin, it was just 200.00 pesos. We didn't want to spend more so we insisted that we should ride the passenger boat. And how can that be the last trip? There are still people from the island and it was just 2:00pm plus its summer/peak season. Right? They let us rode the last passenger boat but it was overloaded. Huhu! I was kinda scared for my life tbh. But thank God, we arrived back at the port safely.

This is where the boats drop off their passengers who want to go to the lagoon.

One of the famous tourist spots there is the Tangke which is a saltwater lagoon. Since it's my first time, I was really amazed that there is a lagoon inside the island, and it is salt water!


I know this is not the most famous sandbar well at least it is a part of it! Haha! We went there during lunch time and sadly, the sandbar is gone due to high tide. Will definitely go back for that sandbar! We had our lunch there. There is a hut with a few tables where you can dine.

To be honest, this is my first white sand beach and I was in awe for the clear water!

One of the best thing in Islas de Gigantes is their seafood especially the scallops! One basket just costs 100.00 pesos! If I could only bring these home.

Tinagong Dagat

The last part that we went to is Tinagong Dagat or also known as the Mini Boracay. I haven't been to Boracay so I am somehow thankful to experience this island. Ninang and Ate Ivy said that it is indeed a bit like Boracay. The sand is really fine and it is nice to swim there. These are the only photos we took from there though! Haha! 

I would definitely go back here! We only had a few photos from this trip but I really had an awesome experience. I really appreciate it's beauty and I am in awe of this God's creation. You can check out my vlog below or just click here

  • Take the private boats. It is best to go there in groups like 5 or more since it will cost you less (per person). If you are less than 5, just be sure to have extra money. I really don't suggest to take the passenger boat.
  • I think it is best if you stay there for at least two days and one night so you could really explore the islands. If you're not going there for overnight, wake up early and go to the port at 6am so you can explore the islands throughout the day.
  • Wear rashguards (better with long sleeves) and put sunblock. Don't be like me. Lol! It is really warm there during the summer. I put sunblock on me but I was not wearing a rashguard. Now I got a tan. Lol!
  • Wear beach shoes. I was supposed to buy beach shoes prior to this trip but I end up not buying it. This is a must especially when you go to Tangke. The trail going down is kinda steep and rocky. It also will be useful for your future beach trips so better invest in it.


Roxas City Airport - Carles, Iloilo

We rode a van from Roxas City Transport Terminal to Balasan. The fare is 50.00 pesos per person and travel time is 1 to 2 hours. Then from Balasan, we rode a tricycle. We gave the tricycle driver 250 pesos for our luggage. You can also ride a Ceres bus from Roxas City Transport Terminal bound to Carles. It will take more time though.

This is the last part of my Iloilo and Capiz posts/series! I can't wait for my next travel! Have you visited Gigantes? If yes, how was your experience? :)


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