Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Review

I have been using Peripera lip tints for more than a year already and it has become one of my all-time favorite lip tints. You can never go wrong with it especially the Peripera Ink Airy Velvet. I have here two new tints from their line and I am finally sharing my thoughts why I love this product.

Peripera is a well known Korean brand and they are famous for their lip products. They have the Peri's Ink Velvets and the Ink Airy Velvet which I will be reviewing today.


Aside from their products, Korean brands are also known for their cute packaging and this one is not an exception. Just look at the box and the tube. It is so cute! Almost every detail is written on the box.

The color of the box corresponds to the shade of the tint and the shades are also written on the upper part of the box.

The product comes in a matte plastic tube.

The shades are written below the product. There are English translations though. All are in Korean. You can specify the shade only with the number of the shade.


It has a flat doe foot applicator and this really helps with the ease of application.

I have two new shades here — #1 Heart Grapefruit and #10 Dry Rose Brown. I have an old one and that shade is #8 Glimpse Brick Brown.


I did not use any filter here. This photo might be a bit blurry but it really gives justice to the colors. I tried to take a shot somewhere here in our house but the lighting really affects the photo and this is the best that I got. 


Heart Grapefruit is a gorgeous coral shade. I thought it is too bright for my liking. But when I applied it on my lips, it turned out pretty nice. It made me look fresh. Glimpse Brick Brown is a taupe shade and is a great MLBB shade. The photo above didn't give justice to Dry Rose Brown. It looks like a dusty rose shade here but it is not. It is a nice pink shade. Dry Rose Brown and Glimpse Brick Brown are two great MLBB shades.


You can never go wrong with Peripera lip tints. I've tried other lip tints for the past year and I still go back to this. It has been my all-time favorite. No doubt! They have a variety of shades that you can choose. They also launched a few new shades this spring. The pigmentation and color payoff is also great. It really leaves a stain on the lips and can last longer than the usual tints.


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