Althea A'Bloom Collection

Meet the newest collection of Althea Korea, the Althea A'Bloom! It consists of BHA Blackhead Blaster, Giant and Baby Meringue Puffs, and sheet masks. They are all cute and also surprisingly affordable. And today, I will be sharing my thoughts with you about these babies.

First, I will be discussing the sheet masks. They have four variants available.

LEMON LIME MASK - This brightening mask clarifies and brighten dull skin to unveil the natural glow from within

ANTI BLEMISH PEACH MASK - This anti-blemish mask purifies and soothes irritated and sensitive skin.

NOURISHING AVOCADO MASK - This mask is rich in antioxidants to nourish and protect skin from harmful environmental factors and prevent wrinkles

MOISTURIZING WATERMELON MASK - This mask that packs a punch of hydration and moisturization for waterful skin that lasts.

When I thought the Jumiso Sheet Masks are already the cutest sheet masks that I've seen. Haha! I was wrong. This is the CUTEST, ever! 

I am actually surprised that they put the English translation at the back of the product. They don't have it most of the products, eh. There is also a diagram at the back which is very helpful. You can easily see which mask do you need. 

When I opened the product, it is very juicy and almost like the Tony Moly masks. I first used the Watermelon mask because I feel like my skin needs more moisture and hydration. This mask is really good. It is easy to wear on the face and does not feel sticky and heavy after use. What surprises me the most is the price of these masks. Would believe me if I told you that it is only 20 pesos per mask? Well, you gotta start believing me. Haha! 

Price: 20 pesos / 1 sheet mask. 180 pesos / 10 sheet masks.

Next is the BHA Blackhead Blaster which is a no pain blackhead and whitehead stick remover. 

The stick's length is reasonable for its price. It also has another transparent cap which is I believe for hygienic purposes. It has a very minimal minty scent. I applied it on the oily parts of my face. It did lighten my blackheads and made those part really smooth. It glides on the skin easily and no tugging when applied. I let it stay for a minute before I rinse it off. My face didn't oil up too much especially on my nose area. Pretty impressive especially for its price of 200 pesos.

These may look cute and yummy but these are the Giant and Baby Meringue Puffs. If you are not aware, these puffs are used like the Beauty Blender or Real Techniques. But the shape is very different as you can see. Nakakahinayang gamitin sa sobrang cute. Haha! Y'all know how the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques can be expensive but no worries, Althea gotchu! 

The Baby Puffs are perfect for concealers and blushes while the Giant Puff is perfect for foundation or base products for easy application.

Althea's Tip:

For a glossy effect, use it damp.
For a matte finish, use it dry.

Left: Giant Meringue Puff (Dry). Right: Baby Meringue Puff (Dry).
I thought the Baby Puffs are way too small but it is just perfect when damp. I was overwhelmed with the damp Giant Puff. Haha! It got really big, true to its claims. Haha! These puffs are very soft and squishy when damp. It can hold a lot of water so be sure to squeeze it all out before using it. And being that said, it can also absorb too much product. 

Here is a comparison photo so you could see what I am talking about. 

I've used some cheap alternatives for my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but this is the only one that I think works really well. For just 100 pesos (1 Giant) and 140 pesos (3 Baby), the quality is good and it exceeds my expectation.

All of the products from the Althea A'Bloom Collection are affordable. My favorite is their sheet masks and I'll definitely hoard more in the future. Haha!



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