Althea Korea | Sunrise & Moonrise Eye Palette Review

I know, I haven't posted anything about beauty these past few months. I got busy with my work and travel in the first quarter of the year. But no worries, your girl is back! Today, I will be reviewing the Sunrise and Moonrise Eye Palette from Althea Korea. They collaborated with Bunga Citra Lestari (also known as BCL), an Indonesian singer and actress, to come up with this beautiful eyeshadow palette.

Althea Korea launched their makeup line last February. I know this is a late review, but better late than never right? Haha! I'm really sorry. :p They also launched concealers, lip tints, and eye glitters which I will be reviewing in the next days. Hopefully really soon.


This eyeshadow palette has 15.5g of products. It retails for 1,780 pesos exclusively at Althea Korea. I know, for an eyeshadow palette, this is pricey for me.


The packaging is very cute but classy. It comes with a box and it has floral details on it which are really beautiful to look at. Like in most Althea Korea products, the description of the product is at the back of the box but is written in Korean. The palette itself is in glossy black and it has these foil pink details. It might look heavy when you look it at but it is actually not. It is also easy to open and close since it has a magnet which is very new to me. Haha! The palette is very sturdy. It also has a mirror which is not distorted. Hehe! Each pan is quite big than the usual palettes in the market.

Top: 1 - 4. Bottom: 5 - 8.


It has a total of 8 shades. Two metallic shades, four shimmer shades, one matte shade and one shade with a subtle shimmer. I like that this palette has a mix of that and you can use this for a day time and night time look.

From left to right: 1 - 8


The formula is quite impressive. It is easy to blend and is pigmented. It also not that powdery. The only matte shade is kinda close to my skin tone that is why it doesn't really show much on the swatch. The shimmers and metallic shades don't get messy when applied on the lids.

Please excuse my brows. I know, I know. Haha!

Please excuse my lips. I know, it doesn't suit the eye look. I was just playing when I took this photo. Haha! 


I love everything about this palette! From the packaging to the formula. Hands down. The only cons that I see are the price and it has only one metallic shade. Althea Korea makes most of its products really affordable, but for this one, I think it's really pricey.


You may only get this at Althea Korea:


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