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A First Timer's Travel Guide to Boracay

I was supposed to go to Boracay last year but it was suddenly closed by the government for renovation, so my family and I went to Gigantes Islands instead. And finally, I got to experience Boracay (NEW Boracay) for the first time this year.  P.S. This blog post will be more of a travel story.

I went here via Cebu Pacific last April 21, 2019, and I met my family there in Boracay. My airfare is on the "regular" rate since we booked everything in less than a month and I really want to go there. I was actually shocked by how this trip went because from my "budget-friendly" trip to Davao to this "costly" Boracay trip. Even my airfare isn't cheap. Lol!

8:30AM Depart Tagaytay
10:45AM Arrived at NAIA Terminal 3
3:00PM Flight to Godofredo P. Ramos (Caticlan) Airport
4:30PM Arrived at Godofredo P. Ramos (Caticlan) Airport
5:15PM Arrived at Azalea Hotel

From Godofredo P. Ramos (Caticlan) Airport, I rode a tricycle going to Caticlan Jetty Port. The tricycle costs 100.00 pesos for a special ride (solo) or 35.00 pesos per person, minimum of 3 persons. I joined two girls on the tricycle so it only cost me 35.00 pesos. Kailangan din maging practical, girl. Haha! The airport is just 5 to 10 minutes away from the port.

For the new policy of Boracay, you need to present your hotel voucher/reservation, fill up a form and present one valid ID  upon entering the island. You'll also need to pay for an environmental fee and admission fee (75.00 pesos) and terminal fee (100.00 pesos). And from Station 3/Port, I rode a tricycle going to the hotel and it cost me 100.00 pesos for a special ride (solo). The hotel is located at Station 2.
I was so tired and hungry when I arrived at our hotel. Haha! I traveled for like 8 hrs before I arrived in Boracay. Haha! We stayed at Azalea Hotel for 3 nights. I love everything about this hotel - the service, the rooms, the lobby, etc. However, it is not on the front beach. You have to walk for 5 minutes to get there.

This is my first sunset in Boracay and it is one of the best sunsets I've seen. Ninang Ruby and her family always go here every summer. She also worked here when she just graduated from college. They are originally from Mambusao, Capiz. We went to Nigi-Nigi for dinner.

Day 2
9:00AM Breakfast
10:30AM Swimming
12:00NN Back to the hotel
1:00PM Lunch at Nigi-Nigi
2:00PM Dmall
3:00PM Puka Beach
4:30PM Two Seasons Hotel/barLO

The breakfast buffet was already included at the hotel rate. I was kinda disappointed with their breakfast menu. It was the same throughout our stay - plain rice, fried rice, hotdog, scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, sunny side up, adobo, fish fillet, veggies, salad, bread, fruits, etc. I just hoped for different viand.

The e-jeepney and tricycle fares varies. Syempre dun tayo sa practical, sometimes 10.00 pesos lang sya or 20.00 pesos depende sa layo. But again, let us consider that this is an island and the resources here are not easy to accumulate kaya mahal. There is no other mode of transportation, only e-jeepneys, tricycle, and motorcycles.

We bought some pasalubongs at Puka Beach and we headed to Two Seasons after which is located at Station 1. Their restaurant is famous for its Oyster Sisig (390.00 pesos) and Four Cheese Pizza (580.00 pesos). We dined there just in time for sunset. We also ordered mojitos. You may check their menu here:

I thought I will like the Oyster Sisig more than the pizza but it was the other way around. I love their Four Cheese Pizza more! The price for me is somehow reasonable. It is a must try if ever you are in Boracay. I will definitely go back for their pizza. Haha!

Day 3
5:15AM Woke up for sunrise
10:00AM Boat Trip / Island Hopping
12:30PM Lunch
2:30PM Back at the Port
3:30PM Parasailing

I was not able to wake up early the next day I've arrived in Boracay because I was tired. I got to do it on my third day though. I woke up at around 5AM so I could witness the sunrise. Even back at home, I usually wake up early whenever I have tasks from my client and maybe because it is a part of adulting. Haha! I call my bf every time I wake up and of course, I have to show him how beautiful Boracay is. Wish you were there with me, love! 

It did not disappoint me. The sea was calm and the view is very relaxing. As you can see, the beach is really now far from the establishments which is a good thing. But before 6AM, there are already many people. It was also the time I met Georgina, our guide during the tour. We joined the tour for only 500 pesos per person. There are about 20 to 30 persons per boat/tour. If you're going to Boracay and wanna try watersports or island tour, you may contact Georgina at 0946 646 8671.

Our tour started at around 10AM. We first went to Puka Beach. The weather that noon was so warm. Ninang Ruby bought a mango shake and it costs 200.00 pesos. Haha! That was very pricey, I know, but to think that most of the foods here are transported via boat from the city.

Carabao Island is included on the Island Tour but we were not able to go there since the waves that noon are getting strong. The tour also includes snorkeling but I didn't join that part because I have poor eyesight. Haha! The part where they brought us for snorkeling was not a good spot. Other joiners said they didn't see anything. Ninang Ruby said if you really want to go for snorkeling, just avail their helmet diving or snorkeling separately.

I know they said that sandcastles are now prohibited in Boracay but there's this one from Puka Beach. I am not sure if he's the only one allowed but as long as he put the sand back in place. I only saw these on my friends' photos whenever they go here, now I have one. :)

The tour also includes the lunch. Yes, for only 500 pesos worth of island tour. Not bad. We had lunch at a resort in Caticlan, just a few minutes away from Boracay. The beach here is surprisingly beautiful as well but it was on high tide when we went there so the waves are really strong. We had chicken adobo, vegetables, rice and chicken bbq for lunch. They also serve the yellow watermelon. Crystal Cove is just near this beach but it was still closed.

After the Island Tour, I decided to give Parasailing a shot. I've been wanting to try this ever since we went to Gigantes Islands but I was shocked with the price here in Boracay. Haha! What do I expect? Lol. As far as I remember, it was way cheaper in Gigantes Islands. I paid 2,500 (originally 3,000) pesos for this. It is much cheaper if you do it in pair, 1,900 pesos per person.

Extreme Watersports and boat rides are now designated at Station 3 or Station 1. 

I can't believe I did that SOLO! Haha! At first, I was not scared at all. I only got scared when I was already above like why did I do this in the first place? Haha! The view is breathtaking though. No regrets! I don't have any photo of it since I don't own any GoPro but I will always remember that picturesque view on my mind. This is my first extreme watersport and I've never been so proud of myself. Haha! Another reason why this trip was indeed a memorable one.

Day 4
5:00AM Woke up for sunrise
9:00AM Breakfast
10:00AM Pack
12:00NN Hotel check out
12:30PM DMall
1:30PM Late lunch
4:00PM Depart from Boracay Island
5:00PM Arrived at Godofredo P. Ramos (Caticlan) Airport
7:30PM Flight
8:45PM Arrived at NAIA Terminal 4
10:20:PM PITX
12:00MN Tagaytay

If you want a photo like this (without people on the background), wake up at 5am. Haha! My flight was originally at 10:00AM but it was rescheduled to 7:00PM. I was about to rebook that flight but it was too expensive. Good thing, I received a text from Cebu Pacific that our flight was rescheduled. Haha! I was still able to enjoy a day in Boracay.

It was also our baby girl's 7th birthday. She usually celebrates it here. I am so happy with this trip. Thank you, Strachan Family <3 They went back to Kalibo to attend an event and I went back to Tagaytay solo again.

From the Boracay to Caticlan Jetty Port, you'll have to pay the same environmental fee (75.00 pesos) and terminal fee (100.00 pesos). From the port, I rode a tricycle going to the airport for 75.00 pesos.

There are a lot of foreigners here in Boracay which I did not anticipate. I mean, not to that extent. Haha! Sobrang dami. I feel like I am a tourist in my own country. I also feel like the price of the things and food here are for foreigners that is why it is too expensive. There are also foreign restaurants but I asked some of the locals and they said that before even Boracay was closed, those restaurants are already there. Ninang Ruby also said that Chinese and Koreans like to go here for a weekend trip since it is just a few hours away from them. Rotational brownout is common in Boracay especially now that it is still under renovation. The main road is still under construction. There are also other establishments that are closed permanently because they can't comply with the new policy. I think the closure of Boracay last year has already paid off. There are so many people who come here every day but the beach is not too crowded. As for the nightlife, they don't have the fire dancers anymore. Only La Carmela has it during the night. They still have bars open but not near the beach.

You may check out my vlog below or click this link: I have a few clips there that I did not include here on my blog post and vice versa.

Traveling was very tiring at some part but it was all worth it especially this trip. I love the sunsets and I love how relaxing could this island be. I feel like there is something with Boracay that makes you wanna come back again and again. 

Til next time Boracay,


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