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Fantasy World Travel Guide + Travel Story

Started as an exclusive park for their members only in the early 2000s, Fantasy World is like the Disneyland of the Philippines back in the days. After the management struggled financially, they finally opened it to the public. This will be more of a travel story but I will still share some tips if you'd like to go here.


This is one hour away from Tagaytay and two to three hours away from Manila (depending on the traffic situation). Not advisable to commute.

Entrance fee: 1000 pesos (regardless of how many persons). But if you'll join day tours, it will just be 100 pesos.

My Mom was a member of their association and we were here often when I was still a kid. There are shows every weekend and there are a lot of people back then even though it is an exclusive park for members. I have a lot of childhood memories here.

I went there a year ago, and yes, these photos were taken a year ago. I only had the time to post this today. Haha! Sorry!

This used to be a peacock landscape. It still has its 'feathers' but you can easily tell they don't maintain it anymore.

This was supposed to be in the unsuccessful amusement park which is supposed to be on the other part of their property. Since my Mom was a member, they toured us there and it was steep going there. So sad that they were not even used! I really don't know what happened to the management.

It is really sad that this was my happy place before but it is not maintained now. This is why other bloggers, vloggers, and influencers label it as haunted or abandoned.

And there's the famous treehouse bridge.

Even though I've aged in time, I am still scared of it! Haha. The treehouse is still the same and there were plants along with it which means they really don't maintain it anymore. However, the bridge is new. It didn't look like this before and it looks more stable now.

But among other things, Fantasy World is known for the four castles at its center. The castles can be seen from the main gate and highway.

These castles may look familiar to you. It is because of Majika. It is a teleserye aired in 2006 staring Angel Locsin and it was filmed here. I think it was Fantasy World's peak at that time.

There are no extraordinary things inside the castles but you can go inside. One castle used to be the chapel. You can buy foods and water inside the castle (photo above).

This is just a park, so do not expect anything adventurous here. It's really nice to have parks and stroll around. Although, this is far. Haha!

If you like to take photos like me, this place is definitely for you.

And by the way, I found our old photos (from different years) when we used to go here. Ahh, brings back memories! These were still taken using film cameras because digital cameras are still not a thing back in the days. Haha!

We really had a lot of memories there. We used to bring my relatives there. :)


  • It is not advisable to commute going here. The jeepneys seldom pass by the area from the Boundery and it will only drop you to Fantasy World's main gate. The castle entrance is still a kilometer away from the main gate and it will be a long and tiring walk. It is uphill. Tricycles may be available but it may be pricey. And also, mas mahirap magcommute pabalik. You may join tours from travel agencies instead or magyakag ka na ng barkada :)
  • If you will go here via private car, you may search it on Google maps or Waze.
  • No foods are allowed inside. This is their old policy. Even water on bottles is not allowed. If you're gonna go here, make sure you already ate along the way. This place is not for picnic. You can buy water, drinks and foods inside one castle. It is pricey though.
  • The weather in Batangas can really be humid especially during sunny days. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen and bring an umbrella.



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