Afternoon Tea and Sky High Views Experience at Macau Tower 360 Cafe

One of the highlights of our Macau trip is the Afternoon Tea Time at 360 Café, Macau Tower. It may not be an extreme sport but the tower is actually 60 floors high and that's 223 meters! Another twist is the 360 Café actually rotates/revolves. Haha!

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Center

Macau Tower opened in December 19, 2001 and measures 338 meters in height. It considered as one of the tallest building in Macau together with the Grand Lisboa. The tower is considered to be the highest bungy jumping commercial facility in the world.

We booked ours via Klook.

You can choose between Afternoon Tea Set or VIP SkyHigh Package.

We got our tickets for only 1,000 PHP per person (weekday). The prices for weekends and weekdays also varies. You need to book a day earlier.

 Macau Tower 360° Café Afternoon Tea & Sky High Views is inclusive of:
  • Afternoon Tea set
  • Macau Tower ticket
  • Biscuits, cake, coffee and tea

Tea set are served at 360° Café, Level 60 from 3:30pm-5:00pm

Opening Hours
Observation Deck: 10:00am-7:00pm, daily (last admission at 6:00pm)

A regular Tower Admission Ticket costs 165 MOP (1,038 PHP). That's only the admission ticket, I think. You'll save a lot if you book your Macau Tower visit via Klook.

Click here for the prices via Macau Tower's website.

Afternoon Tea Time at 360 Café

We chose the afternoon tea time at 360 Cafe instead of the VIP SkyHigh because we wanted to experience the 360 Café and the food looks fancier there. Haha!

The seats actually rotates that is why it is called the 360 Café. You'll really get the view of the whole Macau here!

The 360 Café has a different entrance going to the tower. If you avail this, I recommend that you have the tea time first before you go to the observation deck so you can wait for the sunset at the observation deck. That's what we did.

This is one of the view from the 360 Café. It is the bridge connecting to Taipa and Macau City.

Here's a close up photo of the food that we had. The food is just okay for me. There are some pastries that I liked while there are some foods that tastes just okay.

Before I booked it at Klook, I read some reviews and there are some people who said that the food doesn't make you full. Giiiirl! This is just a tea time set, not a lunch or dinner. Haha!

Here's the another view from the 360 Café. This is the city side already.

We really had a great time there.

Macau Tower Observation Deck

After our tea time, we went to the observation deck and I did not expect that the floors on the side are actually transparent! I had tachycardia! Haha!

I walked through it. Just kidding! I walked through the sides of the glass! I just can't do it!

You may also see the people who are Skywalk-ing here.

Knots of Skyhigh Wishes

If other tourists spots have love locks. They have Knots of SkyHigh Wishes here. I wanted to buy one and make a wish but it costs 88 MOP (552 PHP). It's out of the budget. Haha!

We also went to the open area which is just above the observation deck. We waited for sunset and went back to the observation deck for night time.

What a calming view.

So here's the view from the Macau Tower during the night. There's the Grand Lisboa right there.

It looks like a drone shot. Haha! Below the Macau Tower is the Macao Food Festival which happens every year in the month of November.

And this shot is from the Macao Food Festival. Can't believe we went to that tower. It's so high!

I have a few clips on my vlog. Watch it here:

If you're going to Macau, I highly recommend that you visit Macau Tower and if you have time, go avail the Afternoon Tea & SkyHigh Views. Mas sulit sya with the afternoon tea kesa sa admission lang. You'll really get to enjoy the view and experience it.

Avail it here:
Macau Tower 360° Café Afternoon Tea & Sky High Views

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, we booked and paid for our tickets though I am an affiliate of Klook. I earn through commission (with the links above).


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