PEACH C Peach Cotton Blusher Review

This is my first time to try a product from PEACH C and I think they are new in the market. So for today, we're going to review their PEACH COTTON BLUSHER in Rose P Cheek.

PEACH C is a Korean brand. I was watching AsianBoss last when I learned that Peach C and Haneul Haneul are from the same company and are both owned by Ha Neul. Haneul Haneul is online women's lingerie and clothing store while Peach C is of course, a cosmetic line. I was amazed by Ha Neul by how she became a CEO at an early age and I think she's pretty famous in Korea.

I don't know, but I got really curious about their products. It looks promising!


The packaging of the product is very simple but cute. Just like in most Korean products, it doesn't have an English translation at the back. I guess most of the Kbeauty products are like that. It looks minimalist because it uses only white, black and the color that corresponds to the shade of the blush.

This blush as a net weight of 5g.

The top part is made of frosted plastic. The actual shade corresponds to the packaging. They are almost the same which is a good thing of course.

And here's a close up photo of the product..

Looking at the pan, I could easily tell that this is made with fine powder. It is intact and this is my first time to try a blush with this texture.

Note: I kinda ruined the blush while I was shooting. This photo is unharmed though. Haha!

This blush has 6 shades - Apricot, Coral, Shy, Rose, Peony and Lavander. It claims to have LESS FALL OUTLONG-LASTING, and FINE POWDER. Well, that's very straight to the point.


For the application of this product, you can use a blush brush or your clean hands. Though it shows easily using the brush and you have the control to blend so I'd recommend that more.


You'll never go wrong with this shade. It will go well with any skin tone. Lakas maka-fresh! It is not that pigmented so you'll have the control in applying this blush on your cheeks. It's not overwhelming in a good way. Longevity wise, I do not expect it to be as long lasting as cream blushes just because it still powder. I have tried wearing it a few times and after 3 to 4 hrs it still shows somehow (cold weather, no sweating). I'm really impressed with the texture. Peach C definitely knows how to stand out. This will now be my go-to blush from now on.

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