Itaewon Class: Hit or Miss?

Itaewon Class is a 2020 business Kdrama series starring Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung and Kwon Nara. It started airing in late January and ended in the third week of March. It has 16 episodes. I've watched it on Netflix and I saw mixed reviews regarding this new drama especially for the ending. But for me, I liked it just the way it is and I will explain why.

I just finished CLOY when I saw Itaewon Class on Netflix. I got curious because of the title. I thought it was a chill youth or school drama series so the first episodes got me like, "Wait! I did not signed up for this?!" 🙅

** Spoiler Alert! **

Why is it different from the others?

The first five episodes was the deepest and heartbreaking scenes and this is why I got hooked in this series. From the start, you'll already know that the story is extraordinary and profound.

I salute Park Sae-ro-yi's father for choosing his kid over his career. We all know that what he and his dad did is the right thing to do, but it rarely happens in real life. He raised his kid well. 👏

Park Seo-joon as Park Sae-ro-yi

Park Seo-joon never disappoints! He even gets better in every series he starred in. His haircut even got recognition. Haha! Such a cutie! 😍

And then there goes our Oh Soo-ah. I really thought she is the female lead from the start. But as the story went by, I hated her because she worked for Jangga Group when she knew what happened to Sae-ro-yi. Parang, girl ang tanga ha! Baka balimbing 'to!? Haha! But yeah, they look good together.

So are you TEAM SOO AH or TEAM YI-SEO?

Yi-Seo has that strong aura. She's sassy (in a good way) and independent even though she's young. Maybe this is why they are more compatible. She's an epitome of every millennial girls.

The Story Development

The story became less intense at the middle. The male lead's personality grew and finally found his purpose which is to revenge at Jangga Co. The plot for Sae-ro-yi is somehow predictable except for a few side story on his team which I am beyond shookt! We know that South Korea is not that open regarding LGBTQ community (transgender to be specific), ex-cons and foreigners/immigrants plus the almost 10 year gap of the lead couple.

But the most interesting one for me is Hyeon-yi's story. I acknowledge this drama for letting her shine on episode 13. This part moved me a lot!

The Casts + DanBam

Even though they are different in their own ways, Sae-ro-yi trusts and respects them as who they are. It makes him a great leader. The supporting casts are just perfect for each roles and the antagonists were effective in making us pissed. Haha!

There are a lot of life quotes and lessons that we can get from this drama. This scene is the most satisfying yet heartbreaking at the same time.

The Ending

The ending is not that intense as how this drama started. It actually went all down and I guess that's why there are people who didn't like the ending. I did not expect much. I just go with the flow. Maybe that's why I am satisfied with the ending. Sae-ro-yi got the revenge he long wanted. Dae-hee also got his wish though he was not that satisfied. After all those mess and they finally got what they wanted but goes after that? Are they happy, contented? Did it make a great impact? Was it really worth it?

HOWEVER! HOWEVER, I did not anticipate what Soo-Ah did! I hated her at first because she sided with Jangga Co. And then, boom! 😭💔 Her story went upside down and she sacrificed a lot. She did not end up with Sae-ro-yi but I guess that's what make it more realistic too. We don't always end up with our first love, we deserve better or it's not what fate wants for us. And I guess that's okay. Sae-ro-yi is happy with Yi-seo and Soo-ah will find her happiness too. Buti na lang may cameo si Park Bogum. Bongga ka 'dzai! 

Their OST are great too! My favorite is "Start Over" (시작[b]) by Gaho. It is perfect for the story! 🎵

My Verdict

I'd rate this 5/5 ⭐ It is one of the best drama of 2020 so far! 💖 According to Wikipedia, it is now the sixth highest rated drama in Korean cable television history. Wikipedia  I am not sure if I still want a season two because the story ended well. But for Soo-ah, why not?! Haha! This is the first time I had a second lead syndrome for female lead. Though I also like Yi-Seo because she's badass.

How about you? Did you like Itaewon Class? The ending? Do you wish for a season two?

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