Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil in Berry Red Review

You can never go wrong with a red lipstick, right? 💋 Every girl should have it a staple makeup product because you can wear it at almost every occasion or even on a casual day. It makes your outfit and look complete.

I have here the Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil 💄 in Berry Red from Milktouch which is a Korean brand. Berry Red is a statement red lipstick (blue tone) which can help you make a statement whatever your outfit may be. So let's start my review..

Product Description

  • Semi-matte texture
  • Vivid coloring
  • Long lasting
  • No dryness, no wrinkles, no dead cell
  • Has Vitamin E which helps to moisturize skin and prevent dead skin cell


490 pesos for 2.7g

Other Shades


The packaging is very simple and straightforward. It also looks minimalist. The color of the box and the body of the lipstick corresponds to the shade. I like that the cap is in metallic, making it look classy and fancy. 

The shade of the lipstick can be seen on the top of the box and at the bottom of the lipstick itself. The product description on the box is written in Korean, as expected to most of their products. This has 2.7g of product. 


The Verdict

To be honest, this lip crayon exceeded my expectations. I didn't thought it would be this vivid and opaque when applied. It is highly pigmented. It also has the semi-matte finish but it is not drying at all. It is a blue tone red which I actually prefer. However, it is not that long lasting for me. I somehow expected it since is a lip crayon and not a liquid lipstick or so. It gets toned down especially when you eat but it leaves a stain which lasts for a while. Also, just like our usual lipstick or lip crayon, it is not transfer-proof 💋 so be cautious in using this. Since it is a lip crayon, the tip makes it easy to apply on the lips. It is not drying because it has Vitamin E that helps moisturize the lips. Despite the two cons, I'd still highly recommend this one!


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