Kdrama Review: The World of the Married

The World of the Married 👩‍❤️‍👨 is another 2020 Korean drama that shook us and the ratings skyrocketed overtaking Sky Castle. It is now the highest rated as of today. This series is based on BBC One's Doctor Foster.

Maybe because we are not used to see infidelity issues on kdramas. This series made our blood from the very first episode until the ending. Tell me I'm not the only one! Haha. So I thought of sharing another kdrama review here on my blog. 😉

Title: The World of the Married (A World of Married Couple)
Genre: Drama
No. of Episodes: 16
First episode date: 27 March 2020
Last episode date: 17 May 2020
Original network‎: ‎JTBC
Keywords: Infidelity, marriage, family, revenge, cheating, mistress, divorce

** Spoilers ahead! **


Ji Sun-woo (Kim Hee-ae) is a revered family medicine doctor. She is married to Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) and they have a son. Sun-woo seems to have everything, including a successful career and a happy family, but unbeknownst to her, she is betrayed by her husband and friends.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae-oh dreams of becoming a famous movie director. He runs an entertainment business with the support of his wife. Even though he loves his wife, Lee Tae-oh falls into a dangerous relationship.


Here in the Philippines, it is normal in our television industry to see these kind of plot but more of a exaggerated one with a lot of twists. Haha! But this kdrama for me is more realistic and the story was well executed.

The first two episodes are already intriguing enough to keep you hooked and it is consistent until the mid. There are plot twists along the way which I didn't see it coming so brace yourselves! 

I just hate how Ji Sun-woo and Lee Joon-young was surrounded by bad people. Sun-woo had a hard time dealing with everybody after her divorce with Tae-Oh. Though it is expected since South Koreans has that mentality to divorced women.

Most of the characters are flaunting their negative side all through out the series especially Yeo Da-kyung who is a one proud damn mistress. 🤬 She's very straightforward and has the attitude of mistress. Lol! She has the audacity to show her face to Sun-woo. 

Da-Kyung and her family.. ARGHH!! But I admit, she's gorgeous. Haha!
Because of her, I am always like this ⬇️ every episode and she's btchin'. LOL! 

The story of the main casts was the highlight of course and the most intense scenes ever! Kim Hee-ae really did a great job acting as Ji Sun-woo. Her character is brave but still MARUPOK! Lol. Ate girl naman! 😂 This series is really twisted asf. Haha! She may be weak as a woman but she is a great mother. We know she'll do anything for her child, Joon-young, even if there were times that he resented her. 👩‍👦

But the side stories didn't disappoint too especially Son Je-hyuk and Go Ye-rim's. I liked them as a couple from the very start because they look cute together. Haha! I was rooting for them! However upon reaching the end of the series, I realized that they also had a toxic relationship as a married couple and not all relationships have a happy ending. Ye-rim had a hard time trusting her husband again. Je-hyuk is such a manwhore that I even doubted him until the very last episode. For me, Ye-rim is braver than Sun-woo. 

And we have Dr. Kim Yoon-ki who was always there for Sun-woo. He even saved her. He's an ideal man actually but the heart wants what it wants. I even read an article on Facebook that they are actually half brother and sister. It was not mentioned in the ending but we still have special episodes. We'll see.


The most controversial part of a kdrama is the ending and it goes the same with The World of Married. The ratings went higher as it reached the ending but it also gathered a lot of critics from the netizens. I was a bit disappointed too for some parts. 

You might hate Joon-yong for almost every episode but you will understand him in the ending. I like how this series focused on him espcially on the ending when fact, he is the most affected at the divorce of his parents. He's still a teenager and he felt like everyone failed him especially his parents. There's a lot of anger in him but seeing him go back to Sun-woo makes my heart cry. 😢 This kid needs more love than any other. Jeon Jin-seo did a great job playing his role. Hope to see more of him in upcoming kdramas! 

I was happy to see Da-kyung be single at the ending. Haha! You have so much ahead of you, girl! But I didn't like the fact that she got away with this so easily just because her family is influential. Unlike Sun-woo who had to experience everything. 

So let's all go to where it all started.. To the cheater, Lee Tae-oh! If he didn't cheat, they will definitely not be in this messed up situation. It is all his fault and I know we all agree to that. But I was surprised on how the ending slowly reveal the details that I didn't see coming. He fell in love with Da-kyung with the same reason when he fell in love with Sun-woo. Well, Da-kyung, karma is a btch. Haha! I was so pissed at him. Is he even normal? Haha! The audacity of him of to ask them to be in a family again as if he did nothing. Did he even ask for forgiveness? A sincere one? 😤

The Review

The cinematography is not that extraordinary compared to our usual kdrama. Maybe because they really focused on the story instead and maybe they also wanted to make it more realistic vibe where the audience can relate which is pretty effective for me. The story is very much detailed which makes the people look forward to each episodes. It shows the reality of a married couple (the negative side though). It's not cliche. I thought this will have more than 16 episodes to be honest. There are still a lot going on and booom... it ended with that way. The ending is actually open ended and I am not sure if there's a season two.

There are also a lot of life lessons that we can get here. You might want to check the article Life Realizations from The World of Married Couple by The Adventuress. 

All of the casts did a great job here. No doubts. Their acting is so convincing, we hated most of their characters and it made us irritated. Haha! If you'll watch this, I ready mo ang puso mo bes

I'd rate this a ⭐ 4.5/5. It has a great start and was consistent. The ending though!! There could be more to this series. This series is pretty famous. It trended here in the Philippines especially on every episode release. I am currently waiting for the special episodes. I will update this again after I watched it. 😀



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