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Cafe Agapita: We Went To This Viral Cafe in Silang, Cavite

Yourtitaja and I went to this viral cafe in Silang, Cavite. We actually planned visit Cafe Agapita ☕since February but we never had the chance because of the lockdown and it's been raining a lot lately. But last week, we finally made it happen. 

Before anything else, I don't encourage everyone to go out. It just so happen that this is just a few minutes away from Tagaytay and we used a private vehicle to go here. Lista nyo na lang muna 'to! 😉 Face masks and face shields are also required here. We just removed it when eating and for picture purposes.


We went there on a Sunday and it was def not a good day to go out because the traffic here in Tagaytay is so bad! There's also a long queue when we arrived there. But thankfully, the place is spacious enough to accommodate more people so we didn't wait for a long time. 

There's a tent before you go in. This is for sanitation, taking of temperature and contract tracing forms. To order, you will be lead to their counter. Only one person is advised to order especially if you are in groups. 


This café went viral on social media because of its ambiance and every corner of this café is instagrammable. So even if it is not on the highway side, a lot of people still go here. 

Aside from the cafe, they still have a space at the back and on the sides. This is actually meant as a venue since their other business is Nanay's Catering. They use that space to accommodate more customers when there's no booking. 

We ordered too much! I know. Haha! We didn't have lunch. Janella got stuck in traffic and I waited for her. Haha! Gutom! We got seated at the garden area which is a pretty good spot. The tables are far away from each other so you don't have to worry about social distancing. The service crew also sanitize every table after each customer.

The service is pretty fast too, considering that there are a lot of customers. Probably because they have a lot of waiters and crew which is cool! I was not able to take a photo of the place because.. I don't know. I am not used to blog anymore especially outside! Haha! Lame excuse, I know.


Here's the menu for your reference:

Cafe Agapita Menu

Cafe Agapita Menu


Cafe Agapita Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Alfredo (225 pesos)

Chicken Alfredo

It is good but it tastes more like Carbonara to me. It is creamy and you can taste the saltiness rather than cheesy. Well, I expected it to be cheesy, you know. The garlic bread tasted good too! I was supposed to order Lasagna but it is not available when we went there. ⭐ 7.5/10

Cafe Agapita Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (270 pesos)

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you are going to Cafe Agapita, it is a must that you try or order this one. I've been seeing this over social media and I finally got to try it. It didn't disappoint! It is soo good! The bread is soft and it is still good to eat even it's not that hot anymore. ⭐ 10/10

Blueberry Cheesecake (140/slice), Heaven & Earth (140/slice)

Blueberry Cheesecake and Heaven & Earth

I'm a cake lover so I will be biased on this one! Haha. I like them both but the Heaven & Earth tastes so heavenly! It is a chocolate cake. No wonder why it is named like that. Haha. I highly recommend that you try this when you get there. 

Blueberry cheesecake ⭐ 8.5/10
Heaven & Earth ⭐ 10/10

Iced White Chocolate (120 pesos), Iced Mocha (130 pesos)

Ice White Chocolate

I was supposed to order Raspberry Vanilla Frappe but it is also not available on the time we went there. Sad! I really don't know why I still order White Chocolate on cafes when it is usually tastes ordinary. 😂 I should've ordered a coffee based drink. Haha! ⭐ 6.5/10

Ja's order is Iced Mocha. You can check her blog for her review also:

One of the highlights of this café is their tunnel lights. There are a lot of people taking photos here but some are friendly enough to wait for their turns. Since we rarely go out, we decided to dress up! Haha. I love Ja's ootd! She's really a stunner 💖

Here's what the second floor of the cafe looks like. You can also dine here. It feels home-y! 

The price range for two persons is 500-1,000 pesos. 

It is quite an experience! Since the social media presence of this cafe is still up, there will be a lot of people who will go here especially that it is just minutes away from Tagaytay. Weekdays is the best time to go there I think.

Opening and Closing Time

Tuesdays - Sundays 9am to 7pm

** Their opening and closing time still varies, so it's better if you check their social media accounts for updates.

Cafe Agapita


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